The 2 pounds off last week and getting my 7 pound badge must have gone to my head as I stayed the same this week. Admittedly I knew as I was eating out with hubby one evening that the 3 cheese Macaroni and chips were not a good choice but I did enjoy.

The sun is shining today and the weather forecast for the week is good. I am still feeling very motivated and determined to have a good week healthy eating wise as well as getting out and walking more now that the cold winds we have been having seem to have gone.


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3 Replies

  • Great post shengorth 😊 Have a good week

  • yesterday was day 2 for me and my husband had had a get together organised with friends so I knew it wasn't going to be good! I managed to drink gin and slimline at around 70cals as opposed to my normal fruit cider at 240cals! Also when we ate out I had tuna steak with salad and a sneaky couple of chips, normally id go for something like a creamy sauce with pasta/chicken etc. It's all about making choices isn't it!? even though I was over my calorie intake by almost 500 😮 I am still feeling positive because I know it was a one off!

    7lbs is fab, and you stayed the same, didn't put on so u think that's definitely a result! I remember a friend of mine in her weight loss journey say that she loves knowing that there will be weeks she will stay the same or even put weight in because you can't deny yourself some fun nd there are always celebrations and nights out that can't be avoided. It's a life change not a diet which is why you still need to enjoy those "bad" foods now and again.

    I'm so sorry for my rambling!

    keep going, I hope I will have your badge by the end of the month!☺

  • You were not rambling mcc13. Yes it is a life change for me hence the reason I didnt feel guilty and really enjoyed that Macaroni.I have an 80th birthday party coming up 2 weeks today so it is now up to me to be good for the next two weeks so I can have another non stress food day which I intend to enjoy.

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