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My goals

Thank you to everyone who welcomed me to the group.

I am going to be honest my weight is 13st 7lb and a size 16. I have been 14st but lost some and put it back on.

My first goal is to lose 8lb so I will be 12st something!!

Then it will be to be a size 14, weight isn't by goal it's size!!

Yesterday I walked nearly 9miles and during the week I did 3 2mile walks in just ove 1/2hour. So my other goal is to get fitter.

A little advice somebody said I may not be eating enough. I've been try to eat 1500 calories, but the BMW checker said I should have between 1570-2050 how many calories should I aim for?

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Think your doing great, I aim for the lower but I need to loose more than you. Have a couple of days of each the higher and the lower and see what fits best for now, then review it in a couple of weeks 😊👍💪

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Hello and welcome Dolly66

Well done on taking that first most important step. 😊

I would always recommend eating towards the top,of your range, especially in busy exercise days. You can always reduce it if you don't lose weight.

What you eat is also important, but I'm sure you know that, have a look at the Daily Diary to see how others are balancing their meals.


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