Tip for newbies introducing themselves!

Tip for newbies introducing themselves!

So many new people join every day. For me as someone time limited but interested in helping I have this tip:

Tell me a bit about yourself so we can taylor our reply - if you only say you want to lose weight we don't know if that is 10lb or 10 stone and our support would be very different. If you feel confident enough share you goals and a bit about yourself. I have noticed people who do this get more replies and the replies are more specific.

It's only my opinion! Good luck to everyone!


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21 Replies

  • Great advice EllaMidlands 😊 I would also add to be active on the forum, even on bad days, as that is when this forum really becomes useful 😊

  • Absolutely and to reply to others when they need it because then when the fridge is calling you you can rely on support coming your way too!

  • Love it!

  • Good advice EllaMidlands

  • Should be a pinned post perhaps?

  • Totally agree EllaMidlands I often pop on here to avoid snacks and have to admit I've simply not responded if I'm not sure what they are looking for😢

  • Hi, my name is Steve, I would like to look like Brad Pitt, right now I don't look like Brad Pitt, I also really like pizza, oh, and beer. If you could make me look like Brad Pitt by eating pizza and drinking beer I would like you, a lot.

    Sorry, couldn't resist, great point well made, and where did you get my pizza face from for your pic eh?

  • If you look like a cute koala bear you wouldn't need the forum! Wonder what a koala would have on their pizza? Brad Pitt is a good choice though - don't give up! I would like to look like Angelica Jolie

  • I think I'm less of the cute and more of the bear!

  • Bear Gryllys = annoying, brown bear = cute!

  • Good post Ella, totally agree. Love the picture and agree re Bear Gryllys.

  • Positivity, positivity, positivity! He can drink his own wee but I wouldn't recommend it!

  • Don't think it's something I'll try in a hurry!

  • Hi, this is only my personal opinion and is not intended in anyway as a criticism but i dont know why it would matter how much weight someone is wanting to lose as i feel if its 1lb or 10 stone everyone deserves the full support of the forum. I read many of the posts and again this my own personal opinion i feel the people who receive the most replies are either the ones who have lost large amounts of weight or ones who have large amounts to lose. I myself have around a stone and a half to lose and i greatly admire the people on here who have lost such terrific amounts and their posts are truly inspiring but any weight loss large or small should be applauded. Thank you to all the people who have took the time and interest to reply to me it is much appreciated xx

  • I'm sorry but I disagree Blimp

    It makes no difference how much weight you have to lose, everyone has a battle to achieve it.

    But being active on the forum, supporting others as well as receiving help, is the best way to do it 😊

  • My intention with the post is for all newbies to get a good welcome because I would like the forum to continue to thrive. I just think it is easier to welcome people if they introduce themselves with a bit of detail that's all.

  • Hi I joined last week on Friday. I am at the end of day 4 and feeling good. I check out the forum each night to hear what people have to say. I want to lose 2 stone and have been losing and gaining back one of them for the last three years! It is great reading all the different stories and picking the bits of advice that I can relate to. We as individuals are the ones who have to decide what we want to do, what to eat and when to exercise. However, together we are stronger.

  • Good name wakywoo i am glad you are feeling good so far! I hope the forum will be good for you at all times on your 'journey'

  • yes me too.. I joined last Friday and I have found it so helpful...

    I've posted a few times with only a hand full of replies but hey everyone is busy but I just read what is relevant

  • Thanks EllaMidlands. Wow you are amazing - 5 stone!

  • Still only half way

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