Challenge complete😊

cracker10 challenged me to lose 2 lb this week as I had jumped back into the 17 St range again. I have pushed a little harder this week but it has paid off and I have dropped back to 16 St 13 lb so challenge complete with my 2 lb loss. So thank you cracker10 it was a push in the right direction.

Back on early this week so quite a few 3:45 walks to work which after my 2 weeks of late shifts are a welcome sight.

Thank you all 😆


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13 Replies

  • Fabulous work dread. I also took up that challenge. What shall we do next week? Are you aiming for 2 more?

  • EllaMidlands at least 2 lb as back to my morning walks to work so early start early finish. I always find it harder to cut back on a late shift.

  • Well done Dread back in the 16's go you 🏆, I was just thinking yesterday that I haven't seen a picture of the handsome Teddy, nor your lovely long walk to work this week, so now I know late shift and a challenge to complete 😆 xx

  • Congratulations Dread you and EllaMidlands did better than me

    yabba dabba do - you are back in the 16's

    I had friends over last night and OMG ate and drank far too much, just sat here trying to put a rough guesstimate in to myfitnesspal to see what damage I did

    Back to reality today, so far 1 slice of the leftover tiger bread for breakfast with a banana, hate food waste so has to be eaten :) thankfully the rest of the left overs to be used up are chicken, salad, new potatoes and cheese - so going to have chicken salad for tea tonight and hubby can have the new potatoes fried up with his :)

    Here's hoping I actually have a loss this week coming :)

    Wishing you and EllaMidlands a great week and another loss :)

  • cracker10 if it was not for you challenging me I would have probably put more on. So I return the favour and you are challenged to lose 2 lb this week.

    Thank you x😆

  • Thanks Dread - I accept :)

  • Hey cracker10 better in the bin than on the chin! A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! I open you have a good week! You can do this 🌟🤞

  • EllaMidlands hubby ate the remainder of the bread I just had one slice - so that was breakfast and now gone

    This week I am going to try to eat less carbs and see if that helps - also going to go and check my BMI and make sure I am eating mid to high range of the calories :)

  • Brilliant, you are all sorted and I know you are going to do it!

  • Well done on turning the trend back into the right direction, 😊 And well done cracker10 for challenging you!

  • I missed all this. Well done Dread.

  • cheers. Been naughty this week with fresh bread. One of my biggest loves.

  • Depends whether you're eating loaves as opposed to slices. In my book anything goes as long as you're within your allowance.

    I had a silly day about 3 days ago of fruit cake, lemon sponge pudding and lemon meringue chocolate easter egg and all because I couldn't be bothered to make myself a lunch to take to work. I went from that to a bit of uncontrolled spiralling. It's done and dusted now.

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