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Story of my weight loss - Food plan - Chapter 2

Once I had made up my mind about losing weight, I needed the most important thing: a diet. Obviously, it wasn’t the first time I started a diet. I have always been overweighed and I have always wanted to get slim. I did manage to lose weight when I was 14 and during my second year at University but I have no clue what I did. It just happened and I put on weight again straight after.

I needed a more serious plan. So, what do you do when you are a poor student with little money and you cannot afford paying a dietician? You might be thinking “Easy Teresina! Eat healthy”. But I was already eating healthy, no fried food, no sugar, no cakes, no dessert, no McDonald, no Burger King. How could I have found a solution with zero money and no understanding of nutrition? Simple answer! You just do what you do every day: wasting time browsing the internet. And this is when I came across the Free NHS 12-week plan. A FREE guide which gives advice on healthy eating! At that time, it seemed like a miracle: I found exactly what I was after for FREE.

This plan gives a brunch of nice advice. FIRST ONE: no matter how healthy you eat, if you put on weight or you are fat, it’s because you eat too much. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been eating cakes for 3 years or you turn you head round when you pass by McDonald, it makes no difference at all. OVERWEIGHT = YOU EAT TOO MUCH! I was shocked, after 25 years, I found the reason why I was fat: I was eating too much. It was hard to accept, but first step for success is facing the truth and accept it. The first week rule was simple: carry on eating what you already do, eat what you want, just reduce your portions. Buy a scale (I could definitely afford buying a scale, just a few ££$$€€), weight your food, eat sensible portion and avoid junk food. EASY

First week was a pain. I couldn’t even fall asleep at night. My stomach was yelling at me asking for food. And what I did when I was dying of hanger? I used to make a camomile hoping to falling asleep within 10-20 minutes. It worked.

Stick to this simple rule paid back shortly. After my first week, I dropped my body weight from 74 kg to 72.3 kg. AMAZING!!! 1.7 Kg (aound 4 pounds) lost in one week. It was a miracle and it was happening and for FREE!!!

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Great post teresina08 😊 I was exactly the same, no cakes/chips etc but still fat . . . Portion size is key 😊

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Hi teresina08,

This is a great post, and I also love the NHS 12 week plan, and the fact it is free and such a lot of great information in all the NHS Choices pages.

It's brilliant that you've done so well on your weight loss journey, and I'm looking forward to reading your next post.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend and that you have a great week ahead.

Zest :-)

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Hi teresina08 that is great. I was amazed when I read it was free and couldn't believe it. I found out I wasn't even eating enough all the time because I was always trying to eat less because I wanted to lose weight all the time so just kept dropping the amounts I did eat. It shocked me when I found this out, but still am so pleased I found this site as it has helped me loads too. Well done with how much you have already lost and let's hope it carries on easy for you and manage to lose the amount you want to lose. Good luck and all the best.


Hello, I did this diet last year and I am telling the story now after one year to be inspiration for people. I lost 2 stone since last year. Thanks


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