Look mum, no alcohol

Hello lovely people.

Started my new lifestyle to lose weight on Jan 1 and had no concept how much my life would change…to be fair, when I started I was calling it a diet and not a lifestyle change. It’s only my opinion but I’m not sure it’s possible to change our eating habits, something that is so intrinsic to our being, without changing other aspects of ourselves.

What I really wanted to say, is that by the end of today I will have gone 12 weeks without alcohol. For those of you that haven’t seen my alcohol related posts, I’ll tell you with head hung low, that I used to normally drink as much in an evening as you would consider too much in a week.

I’m repeating myself now but first I made room in my calorie allowance each day in order to have a few drinks in the evening. Then I cut out spirits to allow myself more calories to eat better things and finally I stopped drinking because a few glasses of wine or beer was enough to reduce my willpower and set me to overeating.

The obvious thing is that it’s helped me knock my weight down into the healthy BMI range (top of it). Additionally…

•I am now sleeping soundly nearly every night, for the first time in maybe 20 years (previously 1 good night in 3 months was as good as it got).

•I’m not the cause or foil of any irrational arguing. Discussions only now :)

•I wish I’d kept track of how much money I’d saved. A swift calculation in my head and I realise I wouldn’t tell you anyway as it’s too embarrassing.

•I stay awake longer at night and in the morning I’m ready mentally and physically to bounce out of bed and get on with living

•Oh and I remember most of what happened or was said the evening before (within the confines of my normal goldfish memory)

(almost forgot that one ;) )

Some pretty ugly things there and whilst I don’t have any inclination to ever have another drink I feel that by voicing/exposing them it will help keep me centered.

I appreciate that this isn’t AA but it’s due to my journey here, what this forum has given me and what the fantastic people here have given me that has changed my life so much and so positively. I’ll say another huge thank you to the admins… I really don’t know how you put in so much time and effort whilst remaining caring and compassionate.

A quick afterthought of information… I now go to pubs, parties, picnic events, host bbqs and have people pop in who sit and drink my alcohol. Those around me drink and I don’t… not a problem (I’m still amazed)… but that’s my new lifestyle.

I hope you all enjoy even a fraction of the positive change from being here, as I have had.


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64 Replies

  • Oh Tiggerr you really do have so much more bounce in your step. I can feel positivity oozing from your post. You have done so well and have so much to be proud of. I applaud you and all you have achieved. Love your post😃👏

  • Thanks lucigret and of course you're right. If you remember back far enough, I changed my profile name part way into this journey to reflect how my life was changing and how I was changing.


  • Wow Tiggerr

    That's a fantastic statement!

    Brilliant that you have had the willpower to turn your life around.

    It sounds great that you are within your healthy BMI range. All the things that have changed for you, no arguments, just discussions, saving money, better sleep, more bounce! (Tiggerr! Lol) because you were determined.

    The great support of Admin and other guys on here I know are fab. Something to aspire to. ❤️

  • You're right, I do have willpower but if that were enough I would have conquered my eating and drinking a long time ago (btw... not daft enough to think I've made it, only that I'm currently not going backwards).

    This forum and everyone here have been the required difference that has kept me strong. I know without any doubt that I would have got just as lost as I always have without being here.

    Thank you and have a good Sunday.

  • Oh well done Tiggerr A lovely post to start Sunday morning. Really pleased at how the forum is working out for you. You have shown exactly what you can achieve by being an active member. Great work on everything that you have achieved. We are all behind you.

  • Thank you TJ. For me, keeping active here (possibly to ocd levels... for good or for bad I find it difficult to moderate :) ) has been everything for me.

  • Well you have certainly embraced the exercise challenges!! If it works for you then i think it can only be a good thing. I'm sure you will be up on the leaderboard for May as well...

  • Tiggerr , that is a truly motivational post. Amazing what can be achieved in 4 short months with determination and support.

    I too used to drink way too much and I have cut right back to an occasional glass of wine. As you say, what a difference it makes.

    I am sure you will be a positive influence to those around you, as you are to all of us on this site.

    I agree with your praise for the Admins, the forum could not function without them.

    Keep on enjoying your new lease of life.

    Best wishes EJ xx

  • Thank you EJ.

    I have the occasional voice that says "have a glass of wine with meal and friends" but I know that whilst that day will be fine, the long term wouldn't. I wish I could moderate like you (to me that's the harder option) but have had to face the fact that I can't and have made the choice to enjoy the person that I now am.

    Have a good day!

  • That's brilliant Tiggerr - you've done amazingly well!

  • Thank you. I'm feeling really positive at the moment, hence the post. I'll still keep my fingers crossed and one eye on the rear view mirror. I don't want to make any mistakes at this point.

  • Stealing a phrase from another classy tiger.... 'That's GRrrrrrreeeeeEEAAAAAT!'

    Good for you Tiggerr, couldn't agree more about the power of this forum in helping us overcome our weaknesses and achieve our dreams.

  • Thanks Steve, couldn't agree more and I noticed you felt the same from one of your replies this morning.

  • Good post - and honest...I am sure for many of us something to think about....

  • Thank you suzybenj. I've always tried to be honest with myself. Probably why I get so down at times because I can see all the flaws.

    Anyway, happy times (at the mo :) ).

  • I feel so happy for you, what a difference you have made for yourself. I have never really drunk much so thank you for explaining to me what it was like. I'm glad the forum has helped, you give a lot to people all the time on here including me. That healthy bmi badge looks great - what an achievement! 🌟🥇

  • Thanks Ella. It is nice thinking that some of my babble may be helpful. I wouldn't be able to say how much of that comes from self-interest but then symbiosis is a wonderful thing.

  • Tiggerr you are amazing you have achieved so much🏆, I admire you for completely giving up the alcohol that's fantastic 😆 we may not be the AA but we are here for you regardless 😆

    I totally agree that this forum is wonderful, the admins and the people on their journeys are the most supportive and helpful xx

  • Thanks Katmt. I just need to tread carefully and not become complacent. That's my biggest fear and I've noticed a few bad habits sneaking their way in over the last couple of weeks, which I've hopefully addressed.

    Have a nice day!

  • They do tend to sneak in when we're not looking 😱 good you've noticed and addressed them 😆 xx

  • What a lovely post Tiggerr 😊 Very, very well done, I'm so proud of you and this amazing forum 😊😊😊

  • Whilst trying not to get too gushy... you are one of the cornerstones of the forum as it stands.

  • That was a fabulous read Tiggerr and really humbling. You have taken the bull by the horns and become top matador. I shining example to us all.

    You have made a massive lifestyle change and are clearly reaping the rewards.

    I hope you feel justly proud of yourself and that all of your family and friends are also proud of you. I feel very proud of you as part of the forum family.

    Take care and carry on carrying on. X

  • That's really touching Ceals. Now to motivate myself to get out into the cold and grey to plant my outdoor toms. On days like this I wish I'd moved to Spain when I had the chance.

    Have a great day.

  • What a wonderful sincere and honest post Tiggerr you really do sound like you have taken control of your life. Good to see that shiny healthy BMI badge - it's well deserved.

  • Thank you Mochta. I feel a bit concerned when people start talking about me taking control of my life (I'm always wondering if I have) and I like the fact that you say "sound like" because I don't want to be complacent.

    Well done for maintaining that must be a great feeling.

  • Tiggerr I find maintaining the most difficult of things - it is SO easy to become complacent as the months go by. I'm finding my exercise regime slip as I've got so much to do in the garden - sitting here eating my usual porridge and raisins with a large handful of the first strawberries from the garden - total indulgence! Maybe less about control and more about getting a life balance?

  • I think that anyone with a garden to maintain will see the emphasis change from one to the other but the overall effort employed will probably be the same, if not more. I guess the trick will be to remember to reverse it when the garden no longer calls.

    Do you live in this country (rhetorical question) because my strawberries are green housed and still a good few weeks from ripening. Lucky you!

    In reference to the life balance, I was in a petrol station on Friday and I was looking at the packets of Haribo sweets. It occurred to me that when I become a maintainer, I could plan for one overindulgence day per month. I could easily wipe out a family pack of Haribo or Maoam ( :) still a kid at heart) or a large doner kebab. I know that I could then undo the damage fairly quickly. Extreme life balance or should I not think like that?

  • France - 11 wonderful years - hoping today's election results does not change all that! Moved here for the weather Tiggerr and the fact we could afford to buy some land (we've got an acre and a half of garden to play with). Haribos - deadly - my hubby and I once ate a KILO bag on a drive back from Limoges (that was back to our house not the UK - 45mins top!).

    Once a month we have a 'dinner date' - anything we like and can afford - more likley to opt for garlic king prawns and champagne than haribos ;) We have homemade pizza every Saturday night - he's made them about a third smaller - more than enough and no giving up any toppings - takes the count from around 1500 to around 1000 cals - still high but a big drop and I still leave a little. I'm very lucky as he's a good cook and won't have processed stuff in the house - although we still dangle bags of Haribos at each other in Lidl to see if one of us will crumble ;)

  • That's brilliant and I'm glad there's additional leeway at the end of this. To have an unedited meal weekly sounds bliss.

    It sounds like you have a nice sorted life. You've been very helpful, thank you.

  • Your post made me feel quite emotional Tiggerr . Making a drastic life change like that is inspirational for the rest of us. I completely understand about the 'looking over the shoulder' feeling in case all goes pear shaped but I don't think you will. You're so good at analysing yourself.

  • Thank you very much Grannynise.

    Being able to self analyse is one thing, however, following the right path is a whole different thing for me. I do feel good but we shall see.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • HiTigger with 2 'gs' ' great update ,I'm agreeing with you re "its a lifestyle change",and with me,I've started to feel the benefits, see a better future,and coping better with everyday stresses that we all have.😊☕🍓

  • That's such good news. I know how much you've struggled since the day you came here. The fact that you're actually talking about the benefits now, tells me how far you've come.

    Really well done.

  • Hi Tigger,thanks for update,I agree,it's a lifestyle change,with knock on effect for me a better future,feel and think better to cope with everyday stresses we all have🍓☕😊

  • Wow, that is some achievement @Tigerr Kudos to you for coming up with it by yourself and finding that 'shift' in your own mind. Congratulations!

  • Thanks mayaena.

    How's your cycling going? I'm afraid to say that mine has all but stalled but then I've been really busy in the garden so I'm not being too down on myself.

    Have a good day.

  • It's going well, thanks! I am riding more often, clocking up about 30 miles a week at the moment. I've even started wearing proper cycling shorts (far too uncomfortable without them). Gardening is hard work too, you know!

  • That's brill. I work for a retired chap who's a keen cyclist with a group and he mentioned that I need to get the correct garb, especially the shorts. I'm glad you've found something that you enjoy.

    As regards to the gardening you're right, I'm knackered when I've finished but I want my cake and to eat it, as I was enjoying my early morning rides before the world wakes up. Can you tell I was an only child :)

  • Thank you for posting this. Your an inspiration. I drink far too much, I cut alcohol out during the week back in January and hugely reduced my weekend intake, leading to me losing 19 lb but this has stalled the last 4 weeks as alcohol as crept back in after a holiday.

    I recognise myself in a lot of what you said, & After a heavy weekend, waking up feeling tired, grumpy and annoyed with myself, plus a 1lb gain, this was just what I needed to read to get myself back on form.

  • You're making me emotional. I guess because I can empathise so much.

    I sincerely wish you all the best.

  • I'm sorry, I'm a slow thinker at times Clavic26 plus I was shooting out the door.

    What a great loss 19lb is, you've clearly put a lot of effort to lose that much. Don't know if you'd like a 1 stone badge but you deserve it and you'd have one in an instant if you give the admins a quick shout out.

    I hope all went well for you today and that you're feeling good to stay back on form.

  • Ah thank you! That's really kind that you thought of me this evening - I'm doing good, Thanks to you, your post was just what I needed to get me back on track. I'm enjoying my chamomile tea and feel really chilled and more at peace than I have in weeks.

    I would love a 1 stone badge, but I'm clueless as to how the system works - I read the posts from the daily email that comes through and it gives me a boost every day to stay motivated, (last few weeks excluded as I went off track) - I've never figured out how to do anything more than comment & like! (Shameful!)

    I hope you had a good day, Thank you again for your inspiring post - it was exactly what I needed to read.

  • Well done Tiggerr, How fantastic I too have cut alcohol out not sure if its permanent I try to just drink on holidays, till you cut alcohol out I don't think people realise what a difference it makes to how you feel. Keep it up

  • I've also been contemplating having alcohol if I'm abroad as I know someone else does here. It's possible I can create a mindset to strictly delineate between the two but I'm not sure. The thing is, like you say, it makes such a difference, so do I really need to put it all in jeopardy??? I'm more like the person I remember from many years ago... just maybe a tadge wiser :)

    When I started, I kept saying on here that I'm not taking it as permanent then one day I replied to someone that I'd given up alcohol and it's only when I read it back that I realised what I'd said. I used that as an impetus to say it out loud here (by then I was 5 weeks into it).

    I hope you get what you wish for. Good luck!

  • I have no words......you are amazing. All by yourself you've done an incredible journey. Lovely read. xxx

  • Thank you Gobbolino. I feel great about it all but it definitely helps to see everyone's positive response.

    I just noticed your badge, I don't think I've seen it before. Congrats, that's brilliant! How good is life, when you give it a helping hand :)

  • You are a star Tiggerr and I am amazed at your results -it's so inspiring thank you have a great life x

  • Thank you Bellabree and you have a great life too.

    As for the results, I gave it some thought and there is something called the Woosh Effect. I read about it a while back. Clinical trials were carried out so there appears to be a basis in science.


    They mention the Minnesota Starvation Experiment which I then investigated and the whole thing does seem to have one foot in 'fact/reality'.

    I'm not too concerned why but really glad it happened :)

  • Well done, Tiggerr! A post close to my heart - my inability to lose weight for the past month or so on is mainly due to not wanting to give up alcohol. Didn't drink any yesterday during the day as invited by friends to lunch and was driving - and that was no problem, but then reached for the wine when I got home. But sleep etc is fine, so when I do cut it out, the only real benefit is the weight loss.

    So, for me, a timely reminder on the change I ought to make! Thank you.

  • Perhaps it was easier for me because of all the extra benefits that it was providing.

    No one has to give it up, that's just what works for me. You can have as much as you like (or makes sense), whilst staying within the daily calorie allowance or as long as it fits into the type of weight loss regime you're following. My problem was that after a few drinks it was easier for me to snack beyond my limit.

    I hope you find what works for you.

  • Well, I have a similar problem - whether snacking easier or finishing the bottle once it's open...

    I will decide on Sunday whether to go into shock therapy - if it is good for Novak, it may work for me ;)

  • Good luck!

  • Tigger well done you what an achievement you sound such a wonderful person best wishes for the future

  • Haha, if only reality was really like that :) but I do thank you.

  • An inspirational and uplifting post Tigger. Thank you. All the best for your continued success. xx

  • Thank you Biker_chick and I hope it's all going well for you.

  • Thanks Tiggerr....Early days yet, but I'm feeling positive. :)

  • I know I'm in danger of getting a bit evangelical about this forum but don't forget to use it, whether you're happy or finding it difficult. I've never come across a more helpful group of people where feeling and being a part of it has got me through some difficult times.

  • Noted. xx

  • Very inspiring Tigger! Thank you and I'm proud of you. Looks like we had the same kind of drinking history. It will be hard but not impossible.

  • I was extremely lucky in that for whatever reason it wasn't hard for me. I just get concerned for you and others whom try and do both at the same time.

    You've been doing so well losing weight.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is not to link the two in your head (you probably weren't going to anyway). That if you start having problems with giving up alcohol, not to let that effect the good work you're already doing losing weight.

    I guess that all sounds a bit pushy but I do wish you all the best.

  • No, I understand. I won't give up if the going gets tough. I know it's asking alot to do both but I do know I will lose weight by quiting since it accompanies so much orange juice. One day at a time. Thanks for your help.

  • Thanks Tiggerr

    You've come so far. Well done.

    I've forgotten what leaping out of bed is and am looking forward to saving a few pennies on nights out 👍

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