Tortoise and the Hare club 7th May 2017

Tortoise and the Hare club 7th May 2017

Hi Everyone,

Have you been putting in those kilometres this week? I do hope so. I'm afraid my running is at a dead stop at the moment as we're full on with work in the garden. I know that sounds like a feeble excuse but we went and bought a third polytunnel which has taken an age to get sorted but now finally complete. Then we decided to build ten raised beds which is a work in progress - three almost ready to go out - which means yet more digging. Next rainy day I will get out running - even if it's just to give my arms a rest ;)

But that's enough about me how about Kipchoge's attempt at a sub 2 hour marathon - missed by only 26 seconds. What an amazing achievement. To get under two hours means you'd have they to run each mile in an average of four minutes and 34 seconds oh la la. Big kudos, Eliud Kipchoge, you are an absolutely amazing athlete.

Sorry, for the early post but friends arriving for pizza very shortly and we've got a nice bottle of Barolo for afters - might be a long lie in Sunday morning :)


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46 Replies

  • Hi Mochta,

    Great that you're hosing this week's 'Tortoise & Hare' Club - and you sound like you've been very busy sorting out that polytunnel and doing your raised beds - I am sure you'll be back to some runs again very soon. Yes, Kipchoge's running time is AMAZING!!!

    I had intended to go to the gym, and run on the treadmill, and also have a cliff-path run too - I didn't manage to get to the gym at all, but I DID do a cliff-path run, and it was lovely! I ran for approx 38 minutes, and I think it's approx 5km, but the terrain is hilly - up and down cliff-paths and steps etc, so challenging but fun.

    I hope to do another one next week, and hopefully run at the gym as well - as I enjoy running on the treadmill as well - I don't find it boring at all. :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful evening and enjoy that Pizza and your bottle of Barolo for afterwards. Enjoy!

    Zest :-)

  • Woohoo Zest! It's great that you managed to do a cliff path run and in such a speedy time too! You must feel so pleased with yourself! :)

    I really hope you're able to do another one next week, or maybe there are other places that you could run, for a change of scenery and fewer hills? :)

    Wherever you manage to run, the important thing is to have fun, so happy running :)

  • Zest thanks a good night was had by all although I passed on the Barolo and stuck with my beer. I love the sound of a cliff-path run pretty sure that must be bordering on the ideal - a real challenge in a wonderful setting could you really ask for more!

  • Wow, that cliff path run sounds exiting. Wish I had some of those here.

  • Hi Mochta, thanks so much for hosting the T & H this week, especially as you're so busy in your fabulous garden. I'm sure, that once you get on top of things, you'll be out there, pounding the pavements, again :)

    I've had a great week of running, a 15K, 10K and 24K, which is the furthest I've run, so far! It actually went better than I thought it would, although very slow, almost 4 hours and the only lasting damage, is very sore feet! If anyone has any advice to keep feet comfy, I'm open to suggestions :)

    I'm hoping to do 16K tomorrow, so hope the painful plates of meat will be up to it! :D

    Here's to a great week of running, everyone :)

  • Wow, moreless - you are a serious Runner!!! All those Kms - I am really impressed!!! :-) I hope you can rest those sore feet of yours - maybe a footbath with some bath salts in it? I don't really know the best solution to sore feet, but hopefully someone will suggest something that will help you out.

    Good luck with your 16km tomorrow, and Happy Running!

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks, Zest, I'm so pleased to be right back into my running and am really happy with my progress :)

    Thanks for your suggestion, the things I've tried, so far, are new shoes, new socks, soaking, tying my shoes tighter, to prevent movement and bruising, rubbing voltarol on, to see if it helps with the arthritis, using padded sticky tape, for toe protection. It's been like Emergency Ward 10 for feet!! :D

    It may just be something I have to put up with! :)

  • :-D :-D

  • Bloomin heck moreless 24K - that is fantastic pretty sure my feet would ache after that distance too. You'll be signing up for a marathon before long ;) Can you even envisage yourself before you became a runner talk about a life changer - you are awesome!

  • Thanks Mochta, all my life, I was convinced I couldn't run and avoided it like the plague. I now know that I can't run fast, but I can run long! :)

    A marathon is my dream, so watch this space ;)

  • You said the M word!

  • You make me look like a beginner, Moreless! 49 km in a week! You are amazing!

  • Never Iben! You are a true professional and take your running very seriously! I'm just an old plodder :)

  • I'm afraid I'm a bit of a plodder too - not like DiveMonkey and LinaLamont

  • Compared to me, you're Speedy Gonzales!! :)

  • Moreless I've been battling sore feet with my longer road runs. I was advised to apply liberal vaseline everywhere that rubs. It was very effective and I've actually started using pure shea butter as a sort of thick layer over the soles of my feet - I have a load that a friend brought back from holiday a few years ago and I've finally found a use for it! There are also runner specific products something called Bodyglide I think. Plus salts soak afterwards very good suggestion e.g. epsom salts, or I use dead sea salts. Hope you find a solution soon :)

  • Thanks for the tip, Ruth, anything and everything is worth a try! :)

  • My philosphy exactly! Throw everything at it and see what sticks :) I hope your feet feel super serene very soon. Mine are completely blister free now :) Although I haven't been doing any 24k runs...

  • I have a big problem with bruising too and the tips of my toes and toenails, are so tender and I have arthritis, which doesn't help either! :o

  • Good morning Moreless, please take care of your feet.

    A nice soak later for you🙂

    Have a nice day 🌹

  • Hi George, thanks for your concern :)

  • I found putting vaseline/shea butter on the tips of the toes that bruise helped too. It sort of buffers the impact of your shoe repeatedly bumping against your feet. I also keep my toenails really short, that helps too. I'm beginning to think I'll need a nail polish job on my toenails if I'm going to wear sandals this summer... I can't advise for the arthritis but epsom salts are meant to fix just about anything...

  • Oh that's brilliant! I'm off out to buy the biggest jar of Vaseline that I can get and some Epsom salts! Thanks so much! :)

    My feet look awful! I don't think nail polish will be enough! :D

  • I'm in denial and looking for a nice shade of blue to match the purple bruising ;)

  • LOL!!! :D :D

  • Thanks for hosting, Mochta,

    I was also watching the amazing attempt at a sub 2 hour marathon yesterday morning. Mind-boggling! They were so incredibly fast all three of them and Kipchoge was superhuman - he just kept going at that crazy pace and didn't even look tired until the final round.

    I terms of running I have upped my distance because I am running a half marathon on June 11. I have run 32.74 km this week and I feel great. Saturday was 15 km and that was a bit tough - it has been a while since I ran that distance.

    The coming week, I'll be aiming for 10 km Tuesday, 8 km Thursday and 12 km Saturday :-)

  • Well done Iben, that's a great amount of running and those longer runs definitely get easier, the more often you do them.

    I didn't have a mantra for mine, but knew I'd lose face if I had to come here and admit defeat! I just gritted my teeth and thought of the T & H! :D

    Good luck with your runs this week :)

  • Thank you, moreless. I tried my new "I'm fit and fast" mantra but when running with lots of people, I couldn't stay focused on it for long... I think it might work better if I just repeat "Fit! Fast! Fun!" as I stomp along!

  • PippiRuns I understand he smiled about half way round - truly amazing even with pacers and the new shoes. What gets me is how relaxed he looks. Hope your runs go well this week - you are now in full half marathon training mode - go woman!

  • He had a serene look on his face most of the time, he looked so cool, calm and collected! And then that little smile... fascinating person.

  • Wow, you're going to be running a Half Marathon on June 11th - that is fantastic PippiRuns, and Congratulations on running 32.74km this week - that is phenomenal. :-) Doing 15km in one go as well - wow! :-) Very impressive. :-)

    Good luck for this week's runs. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you, Zest. Yes, the HM in June is my second. I ran my first in March. My plan is to run 1000 km and do four HM's - one in each quarter - in 2017.

  • Hi Mochta,

    Thanks for posting this week. Your pizza and Barolo night sounds lovely, I am jealous. Pizza is the one food I could eat every day and not get bored of.

    As scheduled I ran 7.5k yesterday, taking it nice and slowly because I went out at about noon. The sun was high, it felt very warm and I was wearing leggings rather than shorts! I was in the countryside, and ran past a field of cows which was nice. I even waved at them.

    As many of you know I've recently been bereaved - I'd been feeling a lot of anger and sadness about it this week and wasn't able to run from Thursday until Sunday. I'm amazed at how much calmer I felt, and still feel, post-run, so I'm going to prioritise, running and exercise in general, over the next few weeks.

  • LinaLamont I'm with you on the pizza although we do restrict it to Saturday nights only else I'd be like the side of a house ;) I was heartened to read your run had left you feeling calmer good idea to prioritise running and exercise if it helps the healing process. Keep waving at the cows...

  • thank you :)

  • It's so strange to hear that you're having such warm weather, Lina and talking about wearing shorts, instead of leggings. It's such a contrast to my last run, where I wore two pairs of leggings, a fleece and a jacket!! :D

    Cows are strange creatures, I often have stampedes of them, thundering along the field, next to the track where Poppy and I are running! I generally talk to them, but have never waved to them :)

    Running is a panacea for all ills and I'm sure that it will be the main thing that will get you through these dark times. xx

  • aha - well I admit I am one of those people who wears as little as possible while running! When I did a 10k race in December, it was 2 degrees and I was wearing capris and a t shirt ... I just get so warm!

    I will try and take a photo of the cows next time I pass them.

    thanks for the encouragement x :)

  • That's because you run so fast!! I shuffle along and don't get warm at all! :)

    Good idea! You could use the picture for your next T & H thread :)

    I hope all's going well for you :) xx

  • Hi Lina I totally understand about the mood altering effect of running. I've done angry runs in fact where I've pushed myself probably slightly too hard but it was very cathartic. Do you listen to music while you run? Or just take in the natural ambience? I'm guessing the cows aren't London city farm cows so I'm guessing you're going back and forth to deal with family matters at the weekends, so maybe this can be built into your routine too? Two short city runs and one long country run each week perhaps... Take care :)

  • If I'm running by myself I listen to music so that I don't have to listen to the sound of my heavy breathing ;) but if I'm running with others (i.e. sisters), I don't because otherwise they whinge at me!

    Yep you're right, I'm from the west country originally so I'm spending a lot of free time with family there (including the sisters I run with :) ) I like the variation of the runs actually and I want to diversify my London runs too!

    thanks ruth :)

  • I knew there was something missing, something I'd forgotten... hmm my keys? No, my partner's birthday? No... it was this week's tortoise and hare club! Oops sorry to post so late! Especially as I have a great running week to report! Last week I did both running club sessions - both the Tuesday track session which was around 4km in total and focused on speed training rather than distance - and Thursday's long road run which totalled 9.3km. Then on Sunday I ran 8.55km up into Epping forest at a very snail pace - took me around 1hr17. But it's a very rewarding type of running as I'm finding new paths and hitting much more challenging terrain than I'm used to. I hope to fit in one long Epping forest run each week. Plus keep up the running club. There are a few inter-club events this summer too. I'm yet to enter any but I hope to soon... watch this space :) And Mochta hope you sneak out for a run soon. Just think how you'll be benefitting from all that strength work :)

  • that all sounds great :)

  • Please allow me to brag a little a bit - I have just beat my 5k PB. 29.09!!! That's 49 seconds off my previous time!!! it felt a lot easier this time, I think because for once I was properly hydrated and timed it right with food/snacks (which I struggle to do). I have also got some new shorts I really like and which felt rather liberating along with my vest top - I didn't overheat for once nor stagger around worry about my knickers being on show... It all went smoothly until 4km where I almost stopped because I was knackered, but I'm so glad I didn't! :)

  • Ooh brag away - sounds like everything's coming together! That's an ace time you must have been absolutely flying :) Please share what shorts did you get in the end?

  • Thanks! I got the Ronhill Twin Stride:

    so they do still ride up and I have a little bit of chafing but apart from that I really like them so I think I'm going to have to accept that if I want proper short shorts that's what's going to happen... and I'm going to try and get some bodyglide as that's supposed to be really good!

  • Oh wow very smart! Yes bodyglide is meant to be the business. I'm also considering a lycra short under loose shorts combo but maybe not quite so short... Last year I bought my first ever adult size pair of shorts. This year I plan to get my second! Happy running Lina :)

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