Need to change days for weighing!

Need to change days for weighing!

Morning all

I need help! I need to change my days for weighing in, is that possible ?

Need to change to a Saturday morning. Sorry lovely Monday people! 🙁

I have a new start and work place on Mondays and while I would be able to weigh and run, I enjoy the interaction with everyone on the weigh in day. I've felt bad the last 2 weeks because I couldn't contribute very much on Mondays so I wondered if it is possible to change ?



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9 Replies

  • Hi, it's not up to me but I would be delighted to see you on a Saturday. Well all lose 5lb a week minimum so join us if you can handle the pace! Lol, hehe we wish! I'm sure the lovely moreless will be around sometime to help you!

  • Lol!! You are soooo cheeky!

    I've lost 2lbs so far this week so I'm throwing it out there!! Who wants me!! Lol

    No seriously I feel bad just weighing and dashing off to work so I will wait for Admin!

    I suppose I could always interact with Saturday and Sunday people and continue weigh in on a Monday . Confused now! It didn't take much😂🤗

  • lol!!!

  • You would be more than welcome to swap from a Monday weigh-in, to a Saturday weigh-in, Gemini and if you can lose 5lbs a week, you'll make EllaMidlands day!! :D

  • Lol!

    Thank you moreless,

    EllaMidlands is very naughty! Lol toooo much pressure!

    Seriously though I will change, sad to loose my Monday buddies but still can chat.

    Thank you ❤️

  • There's absolutely no reason at all, why you can't pop into Monday's weigh-in, when you have the time and extend your good wishes, I'm sure all your old buddies would be delighted to see you, just as I'm sure the Saturday Superstars will welcome you with open arms :)

  • Look forward to seeing you in the Saturday weigh in :)

  • Thank you cracker10

    I hope I do you proud 👍🏻

  • The only person you have to make proud is yourself - we will be there for you through the ups and the downs ;) (here's hoping there are more downs than ups :) )

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