Wednesday Wobblers - should I stay or should I go?

Hello lovely WWWers. Just wanted to pop on as am in a quandary.... I am still struggling with this annoying cyst/hormone issue and as a result still seem to be stuck weight wise. Every week nothing is happening, regardless of how much/how little I eat and how much/little I exercise. I am still bloated, still hormonal and now very, very fed up. I came out in spots this week! I feel like I'm 14 rather than 40! Anyway, the point of this post is, I don't want to adversely affect the amazing totals you lot are creating on a Wednesday but without any loss I feel like I'm a bit of a dead weight (every pun intended!). So, do i stop weighing with you all or do I continue...? I know this won't be forever - I might just get a pin and pop myself if I get desperate! Sorry to whinge, just can't see the best way forward.


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27 Replies

  • I am not a Wednesday person but I know they will say you stay and carry on!!! The weighins are about pulling together and supporting and you give everyone good support so should be entitled to receive it. If one Wednesday person says you should go I will eat my hat. (Are hats low carb? )

  • Can't quite see where we source a low carb hat for you EllaMidlands!

    Do you limit carbs to a certain number of grams per day? If so what might that be?

  • I don't count anything - calories or carbs. I just don't eat bread, potatoes or rice. I also rarely eat high carb veg like butter nut squash or sweet potatoes. I eat carbs in other fruit and veg along with meat, fish and milk and yogurt. Have been doing it since October and it feels like the norm for me now. I do eat carb stuff and process food when I am on holiday though but get back to normal as soon as I get back.

  • Thanks Ella, really helpful.

  • 😂😂😂 Thank you. I'm pretty sure hats are very low carb (and low taste I imagine...).

  • Stay with it TheJuggler you know everyone here is rooting for you. Loads of us have health issues, no reason to give up. It is who you are that we love and your amazing contributions in so many ways.

    Cut yourself some slack and enjoy the forum in whatever way you choose to use it.

    Take care

  • Thanks lovely Ceals you will make me cry. Definitely tired and hormonal! I think tonight maybe planning night. Thanks for your wise words and support.

  • Didn't intend to invoke that reaction but you are a HUGE part of the forum.. you have sent many wise words my way.

    Take care, big hugs and a virtual tissue coming your way. X

  • Omg no TheJuggler Wednesday would not be the same without you, please please stay. You are certainly not affecting the totals, we are here to help and support regardless loss/maintain/gain and you have always supported everyone else, so now it's your turn. If anyone says you should not still be a Wednesday wobble warrior I'll be changing my days as this is not the way we work. Sending love and hugs


    Kat xx

  • Thank you Katmt Yes definitely going to blub - maybe that's the problem - need to have a good old blub to affect the water retention 😭😭😭 Thank you for your kind words. Very much appreciated.

  • If you need to blub then blub it will probably make you feel a bit better. It's the truth no you no Wednesday and I'm sure neither moreless or jopo will want you to go xx

  • Im sure your Wednesday wobblers will say stay stay stay but if not .....Join us on Fridays then, we haven't ever won the badges but we think we're best at chatting. So you'd be welcome.

  • Agreed

  • I joined the Friday weigh n without much confidence of how useful it would be - it's amazing!,,,,

  • Aside from the weigh-in quandary, maybe a spell if maintenance, before the final push, might be in order? moreless and myself are doing this 😊

  • I'm sorry, Jugs, but there is no escape! Once a Wednesday Wobble Warrior, always a Wednesday Wobble Warrior!! ;)

    You can see from the responses that you've already received, that you are not judged by what the scales say, but by the wonderful person that you are. Whilst we all want you to be successful with your weight loss journey, other than that, we don't give one iota whether you lose, gain, or maintain, as long as you're still here with us.

    I know you're really busy and have little time for anything else, but why not take a few minutes, to read through the plans on the Daily Diary? It's amazing the diversity of meals and exercise that you'll see and it may give you a few, new ideas. If you can manage it, post whenever you can and we'll all chip in with our 2 penn'orth of advice, if we see an opportunity for tweaking :)

    It's a done deal, you're a Wednesday Wobble Warrior forever!! :) xx

  • Thanks moreless and thank you all. I think was all a bit too much this morning. Feeling much better after a walk and swim with the kids. Realised my iron is low again so back on the tablets i go. That should help too.

    Thanks for the advice. I have planned my weekly meals and just going to give myself a bit of a break and see how i get on. Will definitely have a look at the diaries and see what ideas i can steal with pride.

    Thank you again you wonderful bunch.

    Very much appreciated and just what i needed.

    Looks like I'm remaining as a Wednesday Wobble Warrior - hear my wobbly roar!!!

  • I'm just a new Wednesday Warrior, TheJuggler but I'm really glad you've decided to stay, and it is lovely to know that support is out there in difficult times. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you! Welcome to Wednesdays - as you can see, they are a lovely bunch.

  • Well said moreless , I hope that by now you are really hearing the big message that everyone wants you to stay and be a part of the team TheJuggler. In the very few months I have been here it has become very clear that it is an amazing band of people you care enormously about each other. It is a very special place.

  • I am not a Wednesday warrior but have to totally agree with Moreless and the others ;)

    Wishing you all the best

  • Thank you cracker.

  • I had a 9 week plateau and the Friday lot never chucked me out! And to add insult to injury I generally only lose 1/2lb a week.

  • Never would we chuck you out lismcl, you're one of us and we stick together😊

  • Thank goodness! No one else would have me... 😉

  • After all the support you give everybody on this forum TheJuggler, now it's your turn to receive it. I can't believe anybody on any weigh in day would tell you they wanted you to leave. Feel Good Friday Folk support each other what ever is happening and would hate to loose anyone - I now your group will be exactly the same.

    I am sorry you are having such a rough time and hope it all improves very soon. Tip - if popping yourself with a pin, do it in the bathroom to create less mess, if it works, let me know😉

    Sending you big (((hugs)))💐

  • There's no 'Opt Out' option to being a Wednesday Wobble Warrior - you must have missed that in the small print TheJuggler so you're stuck with us.

    It's not about the length of time it takes to succeed it's about the journey and never ever ever giving up.

    It's taken me 20 years to discover the joy of a healthy eating style (it's not a diet, they don't work) and exercise, not the sweaty punishment kind, but movement that fills me with vitality and energy.

    See you Wednesday Warrior !

    Xx :)

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