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Week 9 Freedom of Choice

In life we have freedom of choice to hopefully make the right choices. I've learned as I've got a little wiser that yes we all go off the rails now and then that is human nature. We are not robots ..... If most of the time we make the right choices then we stay on track. I do think the rewards eventually come. What we invest in our health now shows in the future. Ageing also is a state of minds. If we have old thoughts we become. The word wiser... Is better than older.....

I do think we can all become the best version of ourselves no matter what age ... Number on our birth certificates.

It's having that Spirit to forge forward !!! it's difficult but if we throw in the towel ... Really we are giving away our freedom of choice. This week for me has not been how I planned but hey I'm not throwing in the towel.

I have maintained at 10 stone. I was hoping to get to 9.13 this week. Sometimes my weight loss shows at different times eg not at weigh in .. Sometimes on the Sunday. I have done everything right counted everything. I am in hope... If next week shows a loss I will be happy. I've lost 11 pounds in total in 9 weeks. If I make a stone at the end of 12 weeks I will be happy. I'm in for the long haul with another two stone to lose to get me to my goal of 8 stone. I'm enjoying the freedom of eating anything I want as long as I count everything. It's hard but let's be our best version of ourselves whatever the number on our birth certificates. Have a good week.

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