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I've toned my abs to a level where I feel comfortable, however my stomach is still flabby. I have a holiday on 31st May and it's the 6th! I am will nig to train for my goal but to a comfortable level I'm up for a challenge can anyone recommend excercise solely to work on my tummy.. I know it isn't possible to remove the fat completely but just over 3 weeks is long enough to make slight changes and pull the skin tighter! Any advice would be great. I've been doing, plank, sit ups, push ups, leg lifts, or whatever they're called and am now moving on to the stomach.. Please let me know ASAP! Thank you, Jack. ☺️

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Hello Jack, there are probably people here that know more than me and I can only tell you what I know from my own previously active lifestyle.

Seems to me that you're doing all you can... put that into perspective though, because I think you're doing great. In terms of toning the muscles, most of what you're doing will tone your stomach ones.

Everything I've read recently suggests that you won't be able to remove fat from a specific area (once again I'm happy to hear from someone who can tell me differently).

The good news, is that if you keep losing weight (and exercise will go some way to helping that), you will also lose some of the fat around your stomach as you lose your body fat in general.

Personally I'd add, not to sweat it (no pun intended :) ). Feel good as the person you are right now and know that by the end of this month your body will be in even better shape.

Good luck and keep going.



I have the same problem every part of my body looks good bar my stomach.

My trainer has me doing cardio, weights and legs which all help that area.

Also try a Keto/ low carb diet I have cut out broccoli, cauli, courgette, spuds, rice and pasta. Look our for Slim Pasta/Rice/Noodles or Barenaked Holland Barrett or High street shops low cals nearly no carbs. High protein.

Good luck with hard work it will go.


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You can't spot reduce fat, your genetics will dictate where fat is lost. But you can influence the process somewhat by going low carb and weight training. Have a look at bodybuilding.com for informative articles regarding your situation.

Also try not to stress about it, being consistent with your diet and exercise will get you there you just need to be patient with the process.

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