Broke the 100 kg barrier!

Broke the 100 kg barrier!

Hi, I haven't been around much lately because I've had a stupid amount of work to do. But I have kept going with the same eating pattern (high-fat DASH) as I used on the 12-week programme and it seems to be taking me slowly in the right direction. After a worrying gain of 2kg (which seems to be linked to my monthly cycle - seems a lot I know but it could be mostly water) I recorded another loss! I now weigh in at 99.99 kg compared with 100.4 kg before the blip, and compared with 105.4 kg around Christmas time (before I started here in Jan). I have been doing more and more cycling, going out for short rides nearly every day, which seems to be helping. I have also cut out all added sugar from my diet. The 100 kg barrier is psychologically important to me because even though I've been overweight most of my adult life, I was always below it until last year. Also, my blood pressure is definitely coming down. It's still not where it should be, but the readings are now clustered in a lower area that is on the border with 'high normal' or pre-hypertension rather than clearly in the hypertension zone. I put it down to the exercise and a big cut in sugar consumption/processed foods. I still eat loads of healthy fat. PS sorry I labelled the chart the wrong way round but you get the gist!

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  • Very well done mayaena 😊 That's a fabulous success, and like you say, a big psychological barrier 😊

    Onwards and downwards

  • Thanks Anna61 . I nearly posted here in a panic when I gained so much, but then I thought, no, just keep calm and carry on (thinking of all the other people who have fluctuations along the way). Shows how this forum is helpful even when you're not on it!

  • That's really good to hear, 😊 I'm glad the forum is helping you

  • It's horrible when you see the scales jump up, but if you know you've been on plan with your eating it can't be fat gain and must be water, so well done for not panicking and keeping going !

  • Cheers Fran182716 :) I did have a blowout night that involved the best fish and chips in the Forest of Dean... but that was on a whole weekend of cycling so I thought it was unlikely to be that :P

  • Don't tell me where that chip shop is better I don't know lol

  • I do love a nice graph! Well done!!!🥇

  • Why thank you kind lady! :)

  • What an achievement- well done 🎉🎉🎉

  • Thanks Minniewinny :)

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