A new decision...I can do it all

Good morning everyone. Well I've not posted in a few weeks. I went to physio who said that my posture is still that of a pregnant lady so I need to do Pilates to strengthen everything up. I took a new job and resigned after a week because it was just terrible. I've never made myself unemployed before but the amount of stress I had in those few days was incredible. I had a migraine for two days. So I'm doing my best to get back into work. I decided that crying every night and hating getting into the car to go to a new job just wasn't worth my mental health. I've neglected eating meals and then binged copious amounts. So life is a bit upside down. However, yesterday I took my toddler for a walk. I decided that I can have everything. Normally I prioritise everything else and I come last. Work is now my priority. So therefor Pilates and eating has gone out of the window. So I'm thinking about using this as an opportunity to give things equal energy. It's only me that says I can't cope with eating well whilst being unemployed and stressed. Surely I can spend better time with the kids whilst keeping the house tidy? Maybe stress took up so much time that I wasn't able to think. Just a thought


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2 Replies

  • I'm sorry your new job didn't work out, but I'm glad you put your health first 😊

    Running a home, caring for.a toddler, working and eating properly takes a lot of balancing but I'm sure you are capable 😊 Have you seen the new Daily Diary? Very useful for helping plan meals 😊

    Best wishes and good luck job hunting 😊

  • Happy mama, happy baby, take care of yourself and everything will fall into place hun 😊making good choices, doing great, no stress!

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