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Binge snacker

ok although i have more or less understood that losing weight means keeping to sensible portions on your plate of healthier food such as salads, vegetables, proteins and less of the other fattening stuff and carbs...i must admit to be being a bit of a binge snacker...like for walnuts and dried mango, and I'm sure this is not doing any good for me. A good idea then would be to think of a reason to leave the house, for an errand of any sort, so you cannot be home the entire day...it was easier when i was in full time work, now I'm seeking work, but mostly at home unless i go out on a long walk...hmmmm decisions, decisions, decisions...... :(

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"Mindless" eating is a slippery slope but well done on thinking it through and realising where you are going wrong, 😊 Delaying eating is an excellent strategy as is diversion.

Good luck with your decision!


Yes, snacking was one of my (many!) Achilles heels. I knew I had to cut it out. I am lucky that it is not too hard, though. Very lucky, as my wife, who can eat what she wants without gaining weight, still buys lots of lovely munchies. Leaving the house seems drastic. No chance of avoiding buying the stuff in the first place?


haha, that is definitely something you would have to steel yourself against doing, i agree


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