Another year, another wedding !

Another year, another wedding !

As we "get on a bit" , we go to very few weddings and far too many funerals . Sadly we've only been to the latter in the past few years. So I am thrilled to be invited to the summer wedding of a friend's daughter.

Three years ago, buying a fancy outfit filled me with dread, but not this time 😁. I never believed I'd ever wear a slim fitting, sleeveless dress, but I just found a lovely one in Hobbs that fits perfectly without alteration. As my arms are of a certain age, I will get them tanned for the occasion, but also have a cream bolero if needed.

Now all I have to decide is, hat or no hat? 😁😁😁


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  • Hi elliebath

    The dress looks lovely I love the colour. I know what you mean with far too many funerals instead of wedding. I have a family wedding to go to in July and have set myself a goal of wearing a summer dress. Have a brilliant time at the wedding.


  • I look forward to seeing your dress too. Before I bought this one I also ordered a different one from Roman Orginals online. ..only Β£45... and I think I'll keep that too for another party. Definitely worth taking a look.

  • Thanks I will take a look as not sure what I'm wearing yet but I really want a dress as the wedding is at the end of July so weather should be good.

  • Oooh lovely dress elliebath 😊 I'm sure it looks gorgeous on you 😊 I love hats but fascinators are all the rage . . . If you buy one wear it first as mine kept threatening to ping off all the way through the ceremony and photos!! Lol 😊

  • Oh dear how stressful, good advice Anna61

  • That looks lovely elliebath , I do love a good wedding! I think fascinators are the way forward (but I have a very big head, so finding a hat to fit is always a challenge, not to mention expensive!!)

  • Im sure its not a big head, big hair maybe?

  • That looks fantastic, well done elliebath wear it with pride.

  • 😊

  • I was at a diamond wedding anniversary party this weekend. Another joyous occasion and I think very rare especially these days - 60 years! I wore a smocky boho dress with purple tight and my high heel pixie boots. I feel like I have things in my wardrobe at my beck and call now for occasions like this. It used to involve everything getting laid out on the bed, trying everything on, and nothing looking right. So definitely worth celebrating just being able to dress up and enjoy an occasion :)

  • Er, um... I'm afraid I still do some of that Ruth_canal_runner but now its not a case of dont fit, just dont always look right

  • :( well I guess we'll never be completely satisfied! But my smocky dress is very forgiving. I want more like it :)

  • What a fab dress Elliebath:) am sure you will enjoy wearing it:)

  • Thank you. Just have to stay this weight now!

  • You outfit looks lovely elliebath - and you will look really lovely in it - I hope the weather will be perfect so you can really enjoy the Wedding. Hope you decide on whether to wear that hat or not. :-)

  • Thank you, thinking maybe no hat as it will be a long day and my hair will mess up. Might just go for a really fancy corsage...

  • Love the dress, sounds like a nice wedding you're invited to. Hat or no hat depends how your hair will be once you remove your hat at the reception. For my daughters wedding I had a fascinater on a hair band and found that it stayed in place until the evening ! What ever you feel most comfortable in/with πŸ™‚

  • Yes, this wedding lasts from 12 til 12, so to not get flat hair is my priority..

    You'll laugh, but years ago I went to a wedding in a big hat, with a secret carmen roller underneath in the crown of my hair. Nobody knew. After the meal I just went to the Ladies and brushed it out! I was braver in those days!!

  • Carman rollers , that's a blast from my passed but what a novel idea . Will make a note of that one πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • your dress looks lovely elliebath.. im sure you will look & feel fabulous in it too xx

  • Thank you 😊

  • Ooh, it's absolutely gorgeous, Ellie. Are you a hat person? If you love hats, go for it. We don't get many occasions when we can dress up and enjoy it! πŸ‘’πŸ‘’πŸ‘’

  • Thank you 😊

  • Wow what a gorgeous outfit, you are going to look amazing at the wedding πŸ˜† have a lovely time xx

  • Very kind thank u 😊

  • That's such a lovely dress elliebath you will look smashing, maybe take the dress to hold in front of you while you try on hats to see which you like best with or without? Hope you have a lovely day πŸ˜€

  • Thank u 😊

  • what a gorgeous dress! I hope you have a lovely time :)

  • Thank u 😊

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