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Currently OK with exercise despite my size. The problem I am finding is fitting meals in around gym classes. For example on a Monday I do a combat class at 8 so i leave the house just after 7.30, we normally eat as a family at 6pm. I can't eat a normal dinner at this time as I just start to feel sick at the class. I've tried just having some fruit and yogurt to keep me going but then when I get back (around 9.30pm) I'm starving but by the time I've showered etc it's past 10 and end up grabbing a sandwich which I know I shouldn't be eating this late at night or I lie awake with my stomach rumbling. I have the same problem on a Tuesday when I go to the gym straight from work and don't get home til 8.30 as I do 2 classes. I only get 30min lunch break.

Any advice much appreciated.


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  • Don't eat the same meal as the rest of the family. Have whole meals in the freezer, so that you can have your main meal in the middle of the day. You can then have a light meal at 6pm with the rest of the family.

    Hope this helps :)

  • That would be nice to do that but I only get a 30 mins lunch break at work so not easy to take a dinner an it has to be something that I can eat cold as I have no way of reheating anything. I usually try to bring a salad and some fruit but as lunch is at 12 it doesn't last me through.

  • Is there any way that you could as your employer to install a microwave? Is there a canteen?

    Thick soups and stews in a wide necked flask?

    You can buy containers that heat, or are thermos like, for meals.

  • Thanks

  • I work in a school so there is a student canteen but as it's only open for 30mins it's v busy and to be honest there's not a lot of choice. They used to do a lovely baked spud but when they cut the lunch break to 30mins they dropped them from the menu. There was a microwave in the small kitchen over here in the 6th form centre where I'm based but the students have broken 2 since September so the head refuses to replace it again this year - don't blame him!

  • Can you use the microwave in the canteen?

  • I struggled with this for a while, moved my tea till earlier and just a snack later but I train earlier now so it's better for me. Depends what you can fit in around work and things and if you can change things to suit you 😊

  • I think I'm just going to have to see what works best. I've tried taking a larger salad but that's just too much salad for one meal!! I only get 30 mins for lunch and no way of re-heating anything so it has to be something I can eat cold. It's just a pain as I love combat class it's just an awkward time when you work full time and have family.

  • I have a mid afternoon snack on days where I'm going to exercise in the evening. Bananas are great, even a half sandwich works. I leave about 3 hours between the last thing I eat and starting running or similar for the same reason, to stop feeling sick or getting a stitch. Then as soon as I get home I have a jacket potato or baked sweet potato ready in the oven. I leave it on low (160 or similar) for the 2hrs or so that I'm out and it's pretty delicious by that point :)

  • My suggestion would be that instead of eating a BIG dinner, eat a high fat/protein snack - perhaps a boiled egg, some ham, cottage cheese, brazil or walnuts, Greek yogurt BEFORE going to the gym.

    When you get back, do the same - crunchy peanut butter and sliced apple, celery and some full fat soft cheese, cubes of cheese with an apple?

    Another option might be to have a protein shake - before or after?

    I know what you mean though. I can't eat for about 2 hours after I've exercised. I admire you for having the energy to do a class starting at 8pm! I'm tucked up in my bed and watching TV by then most nights and my energy levels are zilch!

  • This is a difficult one, and I would second trying to eat more at lunch time, sandwich/pasta/oatcakes, then a lighter but filling snack before and after exercise. Nuts/bananas/oatcakes are all good.

    Apparently it doesn't matter what time we eat as long as we maintain an overall calorie deficit.

    Do you eat a decent breakfast? I find if I skimp on breakfast I get hungry later in the day 😕 But we are all different.

    Good luck finding a solution 😊

  • Thanks everyone you've given me some ideas to try. Think I'll do some experimenting and see what works best

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