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Well today hubby & myself did my home park run course, it was hard, I am not sure if I should still be going to gym alternate days to going out & doing 5km's. I have been trying to strengthen my legs by going to gym but it seems to make my muscles ache when running. I don't run on a friday so that I will feel fresher for sat park run & that seems to work but I just don't know how to strengthen my legs if I don't excerise them at the gym. I have decided in future I am going to do the park run at the race course rather than my home one it's not as hard as my home one but don't get me wrong it's not easy I still had to work at jogging more than walking but it lifted my spirits I knocked about 4 mins of my time so pb now 47.10 yippee!!

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Kbed, I think you're trying to do too much! Resting is as important as exercising and the running will strengthen your legs! As time goes on and you get stronger, you'll be able to add things into your exercise regime, like cycling. Running and cycling go well together :)

Well done for knocking 4 mins off your PB, that's fantastic!! :)

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Thanks moreless I will take on board what you advise.

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