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Calorie counting while socialising

Hi, Good progress but again caught out by a social event which undid the good work of previous days. Here's what I have decided to do at next celebrations:

1. Make sure I have a TINY wine glass - I get the taste but not too many calories even if someone tops up my glass without me knowing.

2. Have a BIG glass of water next to it.

3. Next family birthday buffet - take a SELECTION of things that I know are low-cal. Not just one thing so I feel deprived!

Otherwise I am finding this a fantastic diet - I am losing weight without feeling partic. hungry.

Good luck everyone!

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That sounds like a good plan of action, Andrea and you could also save calories through the week, so that you have a few extra to spare, for just such an occasion :)

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Smart moves, someone would make a lot of moolah if they came up with a low calorie wine! Portion control and cherry picking have worked for me, it's tough but doable.

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You may be happy (or unhappy!) to learn that during the course of my weight loss journey (5 years) I have gone completely off the taste of wine now.... the only wine type drink I enjoy is Prosecco. I keep having little sips occasionally, but really don't enjoy it. So it could be a hormonal thing (I have met a few who have said the same about going off wine).

Used to love a glass of wine to accompany a meal.... :(

My "drink" now in a pub is a soda water with a splash of blackcurrant.....


Oh my god! You're right - I am not sure how I feel about that !


In some ways, it's great - as wine is so calorific. And alcohol for me used to lead to an incredible attack of the munchies. I am much more in control of any snack attacks that hit... able to reason with myself.

Doesn't mean to say they can always be avoided though!

Friday - we'd gone to a social at 7pm and after we'd eaten dinner. No alcohol as I had driven. I ate a mini pork pie - the pork pie was around 300 calories - and to be honest, I didn't even enjoy it! Bite sized chocolate eclairs, tortilla chips, a chicken wing, some savoury crisp bread bites.... (and more!) It seemed as though once I started I couldn't stop!


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