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Walk or rather Make Hay when the sun shines

Contrary to what I thought that I had to walk to somewhere, I decided the local park serves just as well....going around in laps, trying not to feel too dizzy lol...when you start to sweat and pant especially going up a hill , makes you feel good in yourself...i would rather do this, but as someone on here said, it really doesn't help when the weather is all rainy...though that should not stop the more determined...its Bank Holiday today and Im having one laaaaazzzzzyyyyyyyy day....and .tomorrow is another day... :)

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We were mad enough to still go walking round the lake in the rain today 😱 must admit it's lovely to be home and dry now 😆 I curse the maker of pokemon go 😯😯 xx


is that how you ended up walking in the rain? must say i have heard some horror stories about pokemon go....


My husband and daughter are addicted to the game 😱 they don't care about the weather as long as they can get a new pokemon or walk 10km to hatch an egg 😯 it's great when it's dry 😊 but I could do without it in the rain 🌂😢 xx


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