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Chocolate demon

This last week twice I've turned to the demon chocolate for comfort. I've had two events that have upset me both are people or situations out of my control. Neither I could have done anything to make different. Yet I still ate a lot of chocolate. Then as well all know felt twice as bad cos the one thing I did have control over got the better of me again. Why oh why do I do it.

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Hi Skinnygrandma

Sorry to hear you have had an upsetting time lately and it made you turn to chocolate for comfort. I know this can be a bad habit to break so why not while you try to break the habit have just a little bit rather than a bar to limit the damage on your daily calories.


Thankyou yellowrose if there hadn't been chocolate in the house it wouldn't have been a problem but had bought some in and ate all 3in one go. The first bar didn't ease those feelings then after the second I felt ad about it which made me feel disgusted at myself and guess what the last was a who cares any more. But after a good night's sleep this morning i feel the lady in question is not going to make me feel like this and put me in self district mode again. She has done it all my life. She is my mother and when I got divorced she was widowed from my father who I adored and it is for him I put up with her behaviour. She hurt me through her behaviour towards my daughter. Who always forgives her. People say distance yourselearning from people who hurt you and make you feel bad but how can we


Morning Skinnygrandma

I can understand how upsetting it can be when families don't get on and I'm sorry to hear your going through such a rough time at the moment. Please take care of yourself and remember your doing this weight loss journey for you and you are worth it. Hope this week is better for you. Just work on one day at a time and little by little your get there.



I know exactly how you feel skinnygrandma . I have a narcisistic . She tells lies to anyone who will listen to her. The nasty things she says about us are disgusting . She had turned a lot of my family against us. There is nothing we can do about it. She is so good at manipulating people. We were so kind with her and helped her and her children . It all means nothing to her . We distance ourselves as much as possible but difficult. Its so easy to comfort eat but makes you feel worse. .Start tomorrow as a new day. You have got it off your chest and you will do it. Good luck .



Meant to say Narcisistic sister. Not sure how to spell it.


Thankyou so much it's easiereally when you realise your not on your own

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Hi Skinnygrandma .

Most of us turn to food for comfort (that's why I got fat in the first place!) I totally understand where you are coming from, I also turn to food, especially chocolate, when upset or hurt.

It's very hard to break the pattern, and to do that we need to get into the habit of comforting ourselves in a different way. I'm still trying and have only managed once to not eat when upset. The more times we can control that, the easier it will get, then the 'new' way of dealing with emotional upsets will become a habit instead. Anyway, this is what I keep telling myself 😀 if said often enough, I'll believe it 👍

We can only keep trying to change. By eating 'naughty' food, we are only hurting ourselves, and, as you so rightly said, we feel twice as bad 😡 By recognising the problem you've taken the first step, now let's both take the second step and do our best to change this habit. Good luck to both of us 🍀 and I hope you have a good week 😄

Mouse 🐭 (Also a grandma but called 'nanna')


Thanks for replying it's good advise. Turned to this page as soon as I had eaten it. Wish I had thought before and turned to write it down first perhaps this will be my new habit xx


The moment has passed skinnygrandma and today you can carry on with where you were beforehand, no real harm done. Maybe take a walk along that beach.

Most of us come across bumps along the road, so now to find a way of spotting that next bump and planning the best way of dealing with it. Then like Anon-E-Mouse has mentioned, we can work towards breaking those habits.

Have a good new day.


The beach is a good idea especially as the person who caused those feelings will be around and I still haven't got the sad and hurt feelings out of my system.


I can honestly say I was a chocoholic. I have now managed to control my craving by buying 90% dark chocolate , It is very bitter and not Morris's so 1 square is enough A bar now lasts me for months in the fridge,Hope this might help you


It must be very hard when it's your own Mother that is causing the upset. I suggest you get a bit of distance between you if you can, at least for a short time., I appreciate you can't walk away completely. Try not to keep the chocolate in the house, I find Options hot chocolate a good alternative to a bar of chocolate and that's coming from somebody who loves chocolate!

I hope things improve for you very soon🌺


Thankyou xx


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