Tortoise and the Hare club 30 April 2017

Tortoise and the Hare club 30 April 2017

Hi everyone

So its my turn to host this weeks installment of the T & H club from the bottom half of the globe, South Africa :)

It has been quite the running week with a lovely long weekend thanks to freedom day on Thursday and workers day tomorrow so will finally enjoy a late sleep tomorrow as the rest of the weekend has been filled with races and a parkrun. Photos include my running buddy Arno who has been training with me for our first HM, I unfortunately got my dates mixed up and now will no longer be doing the HM next week as I will be in Joburg helping another running buddy out with a Expo. So I have chosen a new HM which happens in July. In the mean time he will still be doing the HM so have been keeping up the training.

This weeks runs have included 13.5 km long evening run on Tuesday, 10km race on Thursday in Athlone (Photo on the right), Saturday parkrun - 5 km (Photo middle us going through Durbanville hills - they change the route to include more hills!!!) and today's race 10 km (Photo bottom middle and left - the hill in the photo was the one we climbed during the race!). Today's race took up up to Zevenwacht wine estate with some beautiful views, but a full 5 km climb to get there. The downhill on the way back was amazing! I must say after all of this I am quite exhausted

As for the week ahead aiming for 4 runs before I fly on Saturday as I will have 4 days away from home where I can't do any running.

How does your week look? Hope everyone has a lovely week and keep those legs going!

xx DM


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61 Replies

  • Hi DiveMonkey,

    Beautiful photos, and great that you've been doing so many great runs this week - I added up your Kms, and if my Maths serves me right, you ran a total of 38.5kms!!! Wow - Congratulations!!!

    I know that you are now working towards doing a HM in July - and so there's plenty of time to fit in lots more training runs before now and then. Sorry however that you got your dates mixed up and can't run the HM next week as per your original plan.

    I must admit to not having done any runs this week - I really wanted to, but my little toe has been playing me up - I had bruised it badly about a month ago, and I thought it had improved, but it was hurting quite a bit and swelled up for a while - so I've kept to walking instead.

    Today is rainy and I've not even walked - but have done some Strength exercises indoors instead, so that was good.

    I will however pledge to do better next week, and I will try to do at least one run - maybe on the treadmill at the gym, or maybe even outside. I really don't want to commit to more than that, as I am not sure if I'll manage it - so I'll just set myself 1 run, and hope I will maybe do more. :-)

    Wishing everyone a great week - full of enjoyable runs.

    Thanks for hosting this Tortoise & Hare Club post, and wishing you success with your goals to do those 4 runs - impressive!!!

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks Zest!

    Sorry to hear about your injury, I think rest is probably the best thing for it and starting out again on the treadmill is always safer. If you are scared of loosing fitness you could always try running in the swimming pool at the gym if the facilities are available? My running buddy who I am helping in Joburg did this when she injured herself and has kept most of her fitness up. I must admit it did look abit odd her bobbing up and down in the pool, but it seemed to work.

    I hope you get your one run in and take it nice and slow :)

    Enjoy the week ahead!

  • That toe of yours really has caused you problems, Zest. I hope it clears up very soon :)

  • Thanks so much for hosting the T & H today, DM, your running reports have left me almost speechless again!! Your whole life revolves around running! You're a total addict! :) I shall never, ever be able to match you, so will have to be content to be an avid fan :)

    I've managed to up my distances this week, although rain has stopped me getting out as much as I'd have liked. I've done a 13.4K, a 13.2K (oddly enough, they were both run at the same place, but my Garmin gave me two different distances) and a 15.4K, so I've run a marathon, albeit it split into 3! :D

    Here's to another great week of running, everyone :)

  • Goodness moreless that's epic! Just a few weeks back you were pushing yourself to get back out there. Now you're flying! Even with the rain! How are you getting on with your garmin - are you using it just to record or have you explored any beepy things to help you stay on pace while you run etc?

  • It's amazing what can be achieved when you put your mind to it Ruth, although, I don't run fast and that's the difference :)

    My Garmin is just a basic one, so gives me speed, distance and calorie burn, no helpful beeps.

    I'm actually very good at pacing myself and manage to keep to the same pace (dead slow), no matter what the distance and even the terrain doesn't make it vary much, although, I feel as if I've gone slower, when the going's difficult, where, in actual fact, I've just had to work harder to maintain that pace. Sorry, that's a bit garbled, I hope it makes sense to you :D

  • That makes complete sense :) My 5k run on thursday was on very tricky terrain and took me over 48mins as a result, approx 15mins longer than my usual 5k time. So I totally understand the effort involved in trying to maintain pace over different terrains :)

  • Wow thats great running this week!!

    I must say I am abit addicted, luckily my husband can cook so I do most of my runs in the evening and he makes supper so when I get home its ready :)

  • Thanks DM :)

    Wow! How lucky are you??!! :)

  • wow that's wonderful, well done!

  • I've just done my first 10k event this weekend DiveMonkey so I'm impressed you've done two plus parkrun plus 13.5k. You must feel really at your peak right now! I had a careful week because of wanting to 'save' myself for Saturday's 10k. But that still involved fast running on tuesday for the 1.5 mile time trial at running club, and a slow 5k trail run through epping forest on Thursday. I'm looking forward to two running club sessions this week, and then maybe a longer trail run in epping forest next weekend. I definitely feel like working towards this 10k has got my running routine back in order. I hope your half marathon training continues to go well right up to july :)

  • Wow Ruth, I could say the same about you! 0 - 60 in no time at all! Joining a running club has brought your running on, in leaps and bounds! :)

    How did your 10K do? Were you pleased with your performance? :)

    I love the sound of your trail run in Epping Forest, that's going to be brilliant :)

    Keep going and we'll be hearing about your HM soon :)

  • I'm really pleased as I was hoping for 1hr10 or less (my fastest 10k previously was 1hr16) and my time on the day was 1hr 3mins 34secs. My boyfriend took pictures too. It's not a pretty sight but he said I did an impressive sprint across the finish line. And I got a medal (everyone got a medal) :) :) No plans for HM but I do plan to build on my trail running and find more bits of epping forest to explore :)

  • Woohoo, that's fantastic!! Well done you! I can only dream of times like that! :)

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the trail running, it's much more interesting :)

  • I also did well in the 1.5 mile time trial 12min 53 secs but apparently not fast enough to join the army :) :)

  • Yikes, I'm going to have to study that more, because I've seen that they have to do 10 miles in 14.3 mins!!! I'm pretty sure that's not right!! :D

    Who wants to join the Army anyway, your time was brilliant! :)

  • The bit I was looking at was 1.5 miles in 9mins :o :)

  • I must learn to read!! :D

  • Well done Ruth_canal_runner how did you find the 10k? On to the next one I hope?

    It has just started raining yesterday so winter is on its way here, taking advantage of the sunny weather before shifting back to the treadmill :)

    Enjoy the club runs, great motivation running with others!

  • I'm looking at some inter-club 5k and 5 mile events but I'm not itching to do another 10k right now. The running club and some longer trail runs will keep me busy for a while I think :) We've had a load of rain etc here too which isn't fair as two weeks ago it felt like summer had arrived. Hope the weather change doesn't put you off your stride :)

  • I don't mind the rain as we are currently in a drought with our dam levels sitting at 14% so all rain is welcome! :)

  • well done ruth - epping forest sounds lush!

  • It is! I recommend it. I'm discovering some excellent trails :)

  • Wow!!!! All these ace runners!!!! My week has been a bit slower than before. I've got a pain in the butt (haha) and I went to dr and it's a runners butt. Gluteus maximus syndrome. Anyway, still working on it, it still hurts when I get to 20-30 min running. Also hot, so I've been running a lot slower. 3xtimes a week 45 min (with a couple of min of walk in between). I really hope that I can get rid of it soon. Anyone had this?

  • I had a hip issue last year and the word piriformis was mentioned. I now regularly add a hip stretch as follows. Sit on a chair and lift one leg up placing the ankle over the other knee to make a figure 4 then lean forward until you feel the muscle in your hip stretch out (it's a weird feeling as the muscle's quite internal). Then swap and do the other hip. Maybe try that and see if it helps :)

  • I will do thanks. I've been doing it standing up so this seems easier on the legs. Did it last for long?

  • I remember I took about a month out of running altogether at the time but that was partly because I went to Glastonbury. So I think I could have got back after 2 weeks or so but it's probably good to rest when your body tells you to. There's also a version where you lie down. Are you finding you can run at all or are you taking an injury break?

  • I'' being a bit of a brute and carrying on runnint. I'm terrified of losing what I've worked so hard for....but I'm taking it slower, -and it only starts to hurt after 30 min or so, and then I go slowly.

    They said today that I can run up until tht point. So off I will go!

  • Sorry to hear that you've got a sore backside, Gobbolino, are you sure someone hasn't planted their size 9 there? ;) :P :D

    I hope it clears up quickly and that you can get back to your running, without pain :)

  • It def feels like it lol!

  • ouch - hope that gets better soon!

  • Hi DiveMonkey.

    Thanks for hosting this week you are doing amazing with your running. Well my foot is better so no excuse for not running but alas this week was run free. It's amazing how easy it is to go from running and exercising religiously three times a week to doing NOTHING! Having said that I'm pretty full on with the garden so not actually doing nothing it just feels that way :( Really must get my mojo back...

  • Glad to hear the foot is better! It is difficult to get going again. But gardening is great exercise! Wish I had one to pot around in :)

    Good luck with the week ahead

  • Just go out Mochta! Go for a 15 minute jog and get the feeling back. I've had that feeling where the weeks are going by so why not delay a bit longer. But don't delay any longer - there's no time like the present :)

  • Go and post on today's Daily Diary, that you're going for a run tomorrow and we'll keep you accountable :)

    You have a fantastic garden to be proud of and your running should be for fun. Try and remember how good it feels to be out there :)

  • OK moreless and Ruth_canal_runner - I promise to go for a run on Wednesday. You can give me a virtual slap if I don't!

  • glad your foot is better :) maybe if you do a short run to ease yourself back into it, you'll soon get your mojo back!

  • Hi Dive Monkey,

    Your runs sound and look incredible! Well done :) Good luck aiming for your four runs.

    My HM training officially begins today with a 25m run, average pace of 6:05min/km, which I'm pleased with. I will do 5k on Weds or Thu then 7.5k at the weekend. I want to get back up to a comfortable 10k this month, then look at increasing to 12.5k in June.

    Tomorrow I'll be weighing in for the first time in nearly a month. As I've mostly eaten bread for the past few weeks I'm expecting a significant weight gain, but I don't mind too much, especially due to the circumstances. In a way, concentrating on running, yoga and diet will give me a sense of control and focus that I've been missing for the past few weeks.

    Happy running everyone! :)

  • Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow Lina :) Once that's over with it'll just be back to business as usual. With the added bonus of running endorphins. Good luck training for your HM. Which one did you go for in the end?

  • It sounds as if you're all sorted out for your HM training, Lina and your times are brilliant! :)

    Don't worry about your weigh-in, because it's only a number, but it will focus your mind :)

  • Thanks Ruth_canal_runner and moreless! Unbelievably I have gained only 0.25 lbs in the past month! 😮 But I still feel quite bloated and I've gained at least half an inch on the waist so I can focus on changing what I eat (fewer carbs) rather than weight loss, although my 11st0 goal continues to elude me :D

    Oh and it's the Cardiff HM I'm doing! It's not far from my hometown and a group of us will be running in memory of my mum ☺

  • Woohoo, Lina!!! That's brilliant!! Well done you!! :)

    I suspect that by actually focusing on healthier eating now, that 11st goal could be yours!! :)

    Awww that's lovely! :)

  • Great outcome all round. If you feel bloated then the half inch and quarter lb will reverse quickly enough. Sounds like you looked after yourself better than you thought the past few weeks. Good luck training for Cardiff :)

  • Hi DM and thank you for posting. Lovely photos!

    I have been running my usual three times a week but not as many km as I had planned. Only a total of 18.7 km. It worries me a little because there is only 40 days to my next HM.

    But I've been on a training weekend with my running club and we focused mainly on running technique and the mental aspects of running long distance. We also played around quite a bit - I'm sure that added up too. And we walked for two hours.... And I did my usual strength training Thursday...

    All in all, I think there's no need to worry😀

  • ooh i'm intrigued - what did you discuss about the mental aspects of running?

  • This reply is also for Ruth_canal_runner and moreless.

    Sorry it took me so long to respond.

    We had invited a sports psychologist. Initially she talked about motivation to get off the couch to train, that was until she realised that her audience did not really have a problem with that. You don't spend your weekend with your running club if you are not motivated to run 😀 😀

    Then she changed the subject and talked about beating the gremlins that tell you that you are not going to make it, that it is hard and that you are slow.... I know those gremlins very well!

    She recommended visualisation before a race to boost your confidence. She suggested implementing self-affirmation and positive self-talk into your daily routine.

    Specifically she said to create your own self-affirmation phrase(s) and spend 5 minutes each night before bed standing in front of the mirror repeating it to yourself. It could be something like "I am fit, I am fast” or whatever it is you have a hard time convincing yourself that you are.

    I'm pretty sure I'll feel silly in front of the mirror, but I'll give it a go.

    Another thing she said was to come up with your own easy to remember mantras that will help persevere through any rough patches during a race.

    A mantra should use positive words rather than negative. For example, use "I am fit, I am fast", “I am strong, I can do this” or "relax and go" as opposed to “push through the pain, don’t give up”. The brain responds better to the former

    Mantras must practiced both in front of the mirror but also during training.

    She also mentioned two really cool techniques to use when you're getting tired during a race (or any run)

    - imagine the runner ahead of you has a magnet on her back. Visualise being effortlessly drawn to her by the magnet's force.

    - Imagine springs on the bottom of your feet, to imagine springing along with every stride. It supposedly gives you the feeling of running lighter, smoother and faster with less effort.

    Both sound like a lot of fun!

    I've heard other runners on Healthunlocked forums talk about mantras, but never got around to it myself. But now I'm thinking, why not give it a go!

  • This all sounds brilliant. When I was going through all those job interviews my boyfriend coached me in coming across more self-confident. He said if you feel slightly embarrassed describing yourself so positively then you're pitching it right. So if you feel silly in front of the mirror then that's probably a similar sort of thing? I would definitely like to borrow these techniques :)

  • I shall try this on my next long run and see how it works. I do talk to myself, but it's more along the lines of "Come on legs, you can do this!" I never really thought of it as a mantra.

    My best coping mechanism, is to go into myself, so that I'm not even aware I'm running.

    It's absolutely fascinating and I look forward to hearing how it's worked for you :)

  • It sounds like you have some sort of mantra there already. I have to figure out mine. It must find one that involves "flying", as that's how the whole thing started.

    I read someone's description of running feeling like flying and decided to try that myself... In my case, it rarely does feel like flying though😆

  • If only!!! :D

  • I've done training sessions at my running club that only added up to 3km that left me feeling seriously battered the next day. So don't worry if the kms aren't adding up while you mix up the training :) I'm also curious about the mental training please tell us more :)

  • You'll be fine, Iben, because you're a terrific runner and super fit! If I can do 3 HM's and never officially train for any of them, I'm absolutely certain that you'll be able to complete yours in style!!! :)

  • Is always great reading this post, lots of ideas and updates 😀

    On the 1st I ran the Belfast marathon. Unfortunately my kids were stuck for two weeks (one still is) with a virus that gives lots of stomach problems and I got some of it the day...

    And of course as any doctor would tell not to... I ignited it and ran...

    It went well until mile 20 when my stomach started grumbling and I had to stop twice, not great are 3 hours and more running.

    I had cramps (stomach and legs) but I managed to finish and even guy a personal best at 4h15'17'' which left me wondering on the fact that a sub 4h could be possible on a good day. . So I'm considering the possibility of running another mar in the autumn.. Dublin maybe???

    Today will be the first day out running again... I'll let you know 😀

    Have a great day/week Marco

  • Wow Marco! You did very well. Even on the best of days, a marathon in 4:15 would be completely impossible for me.

    How did today's run work out?

  • Just below 3 miles, expected pain in the legs, but not even to bad,.. Tomorrow I'm traveling for work (as for most of may) but I'll recover soon and enjoy running again 😎

  • Oh my gosh Marco, I couldn't run a Half in that time, even if I was fighting fit! Amazing! :)

  • PippiRuns thanks for your detailed reply - I was thinking of this when I went on my run today... and got a sub 30 5k for the first time ever! 29:58 to be precise... 14 seconds off my previous PB.

    It was probably one of the most unpleasant runs I've done for quite a long time. It was difficult, I couldn't get myself to slow down and I did not enjoy it at all. But towards the end when I was thinking 'why do I do this to myself' I remembered Iben's positive thinking... I told myself that I'm fit and strong and can do anything! It is slightly cheesy but it worked!

    I'm not expecting to repeat this miracle any time soon but at least I can say I've done it once... :D

  • That is amazing! Well done Lina! I am going to have to give it a go one of these days. I would really love to do a sub 30 5k and perhaps my new positive mantras will enable me to do it too!

  • thank you :) I think it really works!!

  • Oh well done Lina! That's fantastic! :)

    Mantras rule! :)

  • Congrats on your first sub-30 minutes 5k Lina! It will feel better next time because you'll know you can definitely do it :)

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