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Hi I'm 55 ,looking weight with AS have so far post 12lb ,averaging 1lb a week which is ok by me. I want to loose 2 more stone ,so will be slow.

I want to add more exercise but am getting stuck ,I have lumbar stenosis/cervical / leg nerve pain with severe weekends ,left leg only. I am currently using hand weighted ,a band and when pain plays ball an indoor cycle..can anyone suggest something to add no



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  • Sorry I cant help with exercises you can add on but all I will say is be content with slow. I truthfully am not exercising much but I am loosing roughly a pound a week. I walk as much as I can. I want to continue the way I mean to go on.Yes I could join a gym or start pounding the streets and Yes the weight would come off much quicker but I know I coulnt sustain that and once I stopped the weight would just come back again so I am concentrating on healthy eating and portion control. I dont know if you will find this reply helpfull or not.

  • Hi there thenunn

    I have managed to lose most of my weight (was 4.5 stone, now 4 stone after a year long "blip"!) I have a disability that affects my mobility - I am also very short (4ft 9") and 54 years old. Everything is against me!

    But it can be done, it just takes a lot longer and you have to work at it that little bit harder. Here are links to a couple of my past posts which I hope you'll find useful?

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Thank you ladies :) have reached my first stone so know I'm doing ok 👌..and you're quite right slow is fine off is off and we don't have to be 100% . Hope you're both doing well

  • Hi Pineapple :) Well I joined weight watchers and it's been the boost I needed, I'm 19lb down since Feb ,making 32 since last year..averaging 1lb a week with ww ..which suits me. I'm eating plenty,I have treats if I really fancy them but I do always check I really want them lol. My clothes size is almost 3 sizes down,inches have shifted most . So yes it can be done can't it :) thank you . I hope all is going well for you


  • That is really brilliant Jan! Well done you! I do hope that you can carry on with this, as you'll soon be rid of that 2 stone!

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