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Hi I'm new hear - This is me and my plan

Morning all

I'm 54, 5ft 4 and my weight has crept up to 10stone 13. Over the last 4 years. Which puts my BMI at 26.2 ( not good) And now I want to get rid of between 1.12 and 2stone of the fat invasion which has spread its self evenly all over my body.

I've just bought my self a Veryfit fit bit and my aim is to get up to 10,000 steps a day. This last week l managed 6,500 most days.

My plan is to view each day as one day closer to my goal - and not dwell on when things go off track, just get back on track right away.

I'm vegetarian and like to eat quite simple fresh food. All support advice, guidance really welcome. I'm often low in iron and b12 - so any ideas to boost this are welcome.

For the past 5 years I've struggled with my motivation and felt very much in the can't be bothered mode with pretty much everything, from socialising to doing things I enjoy such as Art & Design. Earlier this year I started doing pottery for the first time since I my art foundation in 1980s. I can feel my creativity urgies returning and am feeling like now Is the time to try small steps to turn my weight around.

My journey starts hear- my aim lose 2lb a week and be 9.3 by July 2017.

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Hi Kaytea

I know I have already welcomed you but it is nice to get to know you more from you post. You sound like you have a good plan in place to start your weight loss journey with your fitbit and having a goal to aim for. I find my fitbit a great motivator to keep me moving.

If you want any ideas for meals have a look in the Topics under Recipes/Meals/Snacks this is where some of the members have shared their own meals.

For some motivation why not join one of our weigh ins, you can find today's in the Events section on the Home page. Also we have lots of challenges running at the moment and you are very welcome to join in any of them. You can find them all in the Pinned post section on the right side.

Have a great first week.



Thanks Rose - I'm going to give it my best shot! 🙂

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Good advice to view each day as one closer to goal. we can never plan for the unexpected occasions.. getting back on track quickly is much better.

I have just returned from a weekend with the grandchildren and watching the Leicester Tigers play rugby, I ate as sensibly as I could, but am still hoping for a good weight loss this my first week.

Any loss is a step in the right direction. I am certainly much more aware of calories and portion sizes now.

I was quite arty in the 80's too, and have been to the occasional weekend class.

I am sure you will do well, and look forward to hearing more from you :0


Thank you cer2dwin for your encouragement.

Have been trying to boost my walking this past week. 🙂🚶🏼🏃🏼🚶🏼🏃🏼.


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