2 pounds down this week.Im so looking forward to trying on those smaller size clothes hanging in my spare wardrobe that used to fit. Im going to wait another few weeks though before trying them on so as to be able to bag the bigger sizes at the same time. I have only lost 7 pounds so far but it has made a big difference. My belt has had another hole made in it and I feel so must fitter.To anyone reading this I would say motivating myself to begin with was a big part and now planning my food shopping and meals in advance and seeing the results is helping keep my motivation going.


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8 Replies

  • Hi shengorth

    Well done on losing 2lbs this week and fantastic going on reaching your first 7lbs, would you like me to swop your newbies badge for a 7lb one to celebrate? I always say planning is the key to success, so your definately going on the right track.

    Have a good day.


  • Pesky admins :) far too quick for their own good!

  • Were the "A" team, super fast, lol

  • Yes please YellowRose55 It would be nice to see the 7 pounds up there I am aiming now for another 7 Small chunks ids the way forward for me

  • Enjoy your new 7lb shiny badge, well done.

  • More good news for the morning :)

    Well done shengorth, it's such a good feeling when belts and clothes start showing a positive change.

    I know what you mean when you say "only lost" but the reality of it, is that 7lbs is a great loss and if you wanted to shout out, I reckon someone would provide you with a shiny new badge :)

    I agree with you about how big a part it is , finding that initial motivation. After that, this site has been the next big thing for me.

    Good luck on your continuing journey!

  • Really well done Shengorth! Every half stone is what I call a Mini Marker and deserves a little non-food reward to yourself. Keep that hole punch handy for your belt. 👍⭐️

    Onwards and downwards.

    It's my weigh-in today too, at 5.30pm and I haven't a clue how it's gone this time. 😬

  • Good luck!

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