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🏋🏽‍♀️🏊🏽‍♀️🎿🚣🏾‍♀️Do Something Different Challenge - Final Week!⛸🚴🏼‍♀️🤺🤸🏻‍♀️

Well here we are at the end of April - I'm sure the months seem to be passing faster and faster! This will be the last week of the Do Something Different challenge as I'll be taking over the exercise one from TheJuggler next month. Although if you want to join and focus on both overall minutes and new things you'd be very welcome!

This week I have mainly tried different strength things - using some of those resistance machines at the gym and some different free weight routines. But I got a rebounder for my birthday, so once I've worked out how to put the thing together next month will all be about bouncing!! 😁

Despite having many intentions of trying lots of different cardio stuff this month, it's mainly been strength that I've ended up adding in - which is no bad thing as it's always the bit I tend to forget. But in the coming months I definitely intend to get out on my roller skates again, go paddle boarding, go sea kayaking and climb a few more hills. Was going to start some of these today, but then looked out at the horizontal rain and decided half term might be a better bet!

Let us know what new activities you've tried this week, or a summary of what you've done over the month to shake up your exercise routine. Whatever exercise you do will all add up to help make excellent healthy changes! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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Well I have lost weight despite falling of the wagon Friday and early Saturday morning! I have added variety to my exercise since it just used to be walking , then I added the NHS stregth & flex exercise and that was it but since the beginning of April I have added the NHS 10mins strength exercise my Wii Fitness discs whch have been gathering dust to add zumba for my aerobics and fitness coach for strength. I have now a plan in place to rotate all these on a weekly basis and it seems to be working- at the beginning of the month I was 59kg and now I am 56.6kg (2.5kg or 8lbs). Since I am close to my target weight I am gradually increasing my calorific intake from 1400 to 1500 per day and review each week.

I am walking faster- I can no longer count my walk from the car to work since it now only takes me 5 mins instead of 10mins. Instead of walking 15-16min/mile I am now walking 13-15min/ml. So had a look on my walking app in January I did the same walk and it took me 68mins yesterday it took me 58 mins and I didn't feel I was working hard. Its good to see that doing the exercise regularly is working even though its impacting on the exercise challenge I am doing since I doing the same distances but in less time and the challenge is measuring the minutes I exercise! I'll just have to walk further.

Thank you very much for the challenge since it has got me thinking about doing something new- I have even bought another Wii disc that does a mix of aerobic/strength exercises, bought a stepper and resistance rope as well- now I just have to maintain doing it

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I thought I replied to this the other day, but it seems to have disappeared - rude website!

No worries - glad it's encouraged you to get the wii fit back out and keep rotating those discs! The stepper sounds exciting (if not a little traumatic for the thighs!) so hope all goes well with that! You'll have buns of steel come august! 😉


not tried it yet building myself up to it!


Hi BadlyDrawnBadger I've actually managed to do some kettle works, not the swing but some of the more gentle movements,

Thank you so much for hosting the do something new challenge, I certainly wouldn't have kept pushing myself to get this far without you. xx


No worries! It's been inspiring seeing what people have been doing! I may even stop using my kettle bell as a door stop and put it to the use it was intended for! Eventually! 😉

I might run it again in the summer and see if different times of year encourage different activities...

Good luck with May!


Hi BDB and thanks for running this challenge, which certainly did prompt me to think about what I could do that was different, in order to get off this weight plateau that I have now been on for two months!

I have at least tried a couple of different workouts on Youtube, using light handweights while exercising, and with different trainers, and I am definitely benefitting from greater strength, and am looking for more challenging workouts too - as my fitness has improved, like RG07 , I need to up my game so that I keep improving.

For the timebeing, I think I probably need to do more of the same, as I haven't found anything else very different to focus on yet, so could perhaps try to do longer workouts on some days of the week. I am amazed at the time that some forum members manage to put in - I simply don't know how they manage it and still have a life! For me, a mix of 30 and 40 minute workouts plus some good walks would be sustainable, so I will aim for that in May I think. But I still have your "Do something Different!" buzzing in my ear, so I will keep a lookout.

Thanks again, and I hope you are enjoying your new bouncer!

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I very much am! Although I need to build up how long I can bounce before my calves give in!

I think it's good just to occasionally shake things up, or try something new if it's on offer, but I'm much the same really - mainly do dog walks and fairly similar gym sessions each week, but I do love a new activity to lark around with!

Enjoy keeping going in May - I'm sure you'll find something sustainable to keep you moving!

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i agree with you some of the timethey spend- I can only assume they are not working full time! I am chuffed if I get 250mins a week with a mix of aerobics and strength though it varies depending on my shift pattern, espcially since you are suppose to leave a day in between doing strength exercises and my shift pattern doesn't always lets me have that option!

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