Midway through second week, thought I blew it but all good!

Getting settled into the routine of calorie counting now. This week I've been trying to get more of my calories in earlier in the day, going from 850 to around 1300 for breakfast and lunch which feels better as I am eating less in the evening before hitting the sack.

Thought I had blown it yesterday, I 'escaped' from the worksite to go and check out our next location. Stopped off at a service station to get some supplies, needed toothpaste and shampoo, but also got some.....popcorn and sunflower seeds. Healthy or what. The popcorn is just salted, big volume for relatively few calories so good for the munchies, and I love those sunflower seeds for tricking your brain into thinking your eating loads when 98% of it is just getting the tiny seed out of it's shell.

Thought I had over eaten yesterday but when I had totaled up I was bang on my target. It's only taken 10 days to recalibrate my mind as to what is too much. I don't want to get any lower on the calorie intake though so will keep on with the BMI recommendations.

Got a good 30 mins. specific exercising in yesterday too so will be building on that, getting hot here though, temperature spiked yesterday to 39 degrees C, summers coming!

Have a great week everyone, keep on it.


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9 Replies

  • Fantastic Stevo, what a difference a few days has made! I bet you hardly recognise yourself now! :)

    You're doing a terrific job and let's hope those horrendous temperatures will melt the fat away faster! :)

  • Well done Stevo5585 you are doing fantastic, don't forget to drink plenty with the temperatures rising so high.

    Have a fabulous week xx

  • Hi Katmt, how is your foot.

    I'm thinking that you stood on a nail?

    How are you doing today.🌹

  • My foot is fine, I think you have me and Janpes a little mixed up😂, my husband has a bad foot and janpes stood on a nail (it's hard work keeping up with everyone 😊)

    Well done on the weight loss this week you are doing fantastic

    Have a wonderful week xx

  • Well done on the healthy snacks!

  • That's brilliant going. It took me the 12 weeks and then a bit more, to feel like I was getting a handle on things.

    All the best.

  • Thanks for all the comments and support guys and gals. I think with my work environment being so structured it's been easier to start off with. Hopefully by the time I get home, 5 weeks after starting, I will be seeing enough progress and will have the healthier lifestyle 'imprinted' enough to continue while I am back in the land of plenty. I think that transition is going to be my singularity point, and if I, actually no, when I succeed at that I can mesh the two opposing lives I have together into a healthier whole.

  • Well done I can feel the positivity in your post.

  • I wish you success for week 3 and the rest.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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