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End of first week - feeling happy !!

Good morning everyone,

I am happy to say I have been doing well with my eating and exercising throughout the week . It had been exciting and hard at times ( developing a love /hate relationship with Shaun T - the fitness instructor in the DVD workout that I am following: T 25 ) . I never been a gym person or loving work outs but over time I realised I need to work out in order to loose weight , dieting alone didn't show great results for me personally .I like this one because I can do it in my living room and it's only 25 minutes a day , apart from Friday when it's indicated to do a double - 5o mins . It is a bit intense but quite fun once you get into it .

So , very nervously I stepped onto the scale this morning and I was pleasantly surprised : I went from 61. 8 kg last Saturday to 59.5 kg today !! So happy !! I know the first week you usually loose more than usual so don't want to expect this on every week - but I must say it is a real encouragement and makes me motivated to keep going :)

Enjoy the long weekend !!

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That's fantastic news, Anarusky, well done you! :)

All that exercise makes me feel tired, just reading about it!

Keep up the great work! :)

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Well done! Super start


Great result Anarusky, well done. Keep up the fantastic work.


That's excellent, well done! And well done with the exercising, too!


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