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Starting fresh.....again!

Hi I've been following everyone else's progress now for a while and really need to sort myself out and actually do something about loosing my excess weight.

I need to loose around 3st and am determined to start fresh from today....right now! I've got a cross trainer/exercise bike and have been trying to do between 15 mins and half an hour each day. Is it enough to have the resistance quite low until I've built up some stamina... If I try a harder resistance I'm completely done in after 10 mins (or is this better than an easier half hour?)

I also need quick easy meal ideas for evenings. My partner is very slim, so I need to feed him a good meal but without him loosing any weight and at the same time keep meals low cal for me

Looking forward to getting this journey underway


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Welcome back, Matilda :)

How about joining the weigh-in today and making a commitment? I'm sure it would help to keep you on the straight and narrow and, whilst you're striking while the iron is hot, join the Awesome April exercise challenge, soon to become the Marvellous May exercise challenge and log all those kilometres that you're going to clock up on your exercise bike :)

I would suggest that building up your stamina, is the way to go, because too much, too soon, will either put you off, or do you a mischief and we don't want either of those to happen! ;)

If you look at the Topics, you'll see one called Healthy Eating and one called Recipes/Meals/Snacks. I'm sure you'll find some good ideas in there, for you and your partner :)

Wishing you all the very best :)

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To join the weigh in do I just announce my weight here?? If so here goes......I'm ashamed that at 5'2" I'm currently 13st 3lb but that's as heavy as I'm going to get....roll on next Saturday when fingers crossed I will be a smaller number. :-)

I will also join the awesome April/marvellous may challenge and let you know my kilometres cycled 😅🚲

Thanks for the meals ideas links and thanks for your quick reply


Hi Matilda48 you need to look to the right of your screen if you are on your Pc and find the events section . There you will find the Saturday weigh in 😀 Come and join in


Hi Matilda48, great job on the exercise, as moreless says ease into it, you'll build more stamina and strength as you go and will be able to increase the intensity or duration. Heart rate monitors are great for this as it gives you a definite figure to aim for rather than the generic 'moderate exercise' indicator of breathing rate i.e. still being able to talk but not sing, I mean, rapping is singing, and talking, it's just confusing!

A good tip on meals, I used to buy a steak each for the family, now I'll only buy two (for the three of us) and slice them thinly (about 4 or 5 mm), then lay that on top of the veggies. Looks all cheffy (especially with a bit of jus dribbled about) but it saves on cost and calories and we haven't missed the extra. You don't need to worry about what to eat really, it's more about portion control and hitting your calorie target, give your fella the big portion!

Good luck and keep us posted.

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