How do I fit it all in?

I've decided to do a walk for charity but I need to build up my training slowly, so I want to start walking but to help with my weight loss at the same time I want to follow an 'eating plan' as well as training.

I have Joe Wicks' Lean in 15 books, so want to try his 90 day SSS plan (although without actually buying it as I can't afford it), but I also have and really enjoy, Davina McCall's Sugar Free and Smart Carbs books.

Training wise I need to walk, starting slow and building up but obviously if I'm doing 90 day SSS and doing the HIIT training for that, how do I fit my walking required around that. Plus I want to try other exercise, particularly kettlebell training. I have found a 14 day kettlebell challenge on Pinterest that I might try.

Any ideas as to how I can try it all? I could try doing the kettlebell challenge before I start the HIIT, but I'm going to have to start the walking very soon and I'm not sure how I can fit in the walking and HIIT together, as the books do warn against doing too much. I have sent a question to the Body Coach team but would like to see if anyone here has any ideas


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  • Hi and welcome, Speedyjax :)

    Is it really necessary to do everything at the same time? I think that if you're needing to increase you fitness levels for walking, then other forms of exercise should be left to a later date.

    Sorry, I don't know anything about Joe Wicks, but I'm wary of anything that you have to pay for!

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  • I don't have to do everything all at once, it's just me being impatient and wanting to try everything at once

  • I think if you try to do too much, you'll end up either putting yourself off, or worse still, injuring yourself.

    Maybe try to temper your impatience a little? :)

  • Yeah I think I know I have to. What I think I'll do is start walking with a routine like last time I did a charity walk...2 'short' walks (up to an hour each) and one long walk a week, building up to the distance I'll need to do. And then intersperse that with another exercise eg the kettlebell challenge, to help tone my muscles. Then eating wise I will just use recipes from various books (mainly The Body Coach, Davina and the magazine Healthy Food Guide)

  • That sounds like a plan! :)

    Feel free to join us in our exercise challenges and weigh-in, for extra motivation :)

  • What distance is your charity walk Speedy? If it's a long one that you really have to build up to then it sounds like that's what you should focus on as you don't want to risk an injury that will scupper your plans.

    Walking in itself is an excellent form of exercise which burns up calories. As you get fitter you will be able to walk faster/further. You can transform a walk into a kind of HIIT training by doing bursts at speed with slower 'recovery' phases. On some days you could carry some weights which would be like doing strength training. These strategies will make a long 'normal' walk seem like a walk in the park! (No pun intended😏).

    If your goal is also to lose weight then whatever eating regime you follow you need to eat fewer calories than you use up. Simples!

    Good luck and best wishes EJ xx

  • It's going to be about 12 miles, give or take a couple. I know I have to yield up slowly as I once did a 5K race for life, with some friends that wanted to jog for a bit too, I hadn't done any prep and so my hips were in agony about halfway round. I still finished but I will never make that mistake again

  • That's well over 3 hours worth of walking Speedy so you definitely have to build up to it if you don't want sore hips like before. Good luck and keep us posted with your progress. EJ

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