What motivates you?

I am in serious need of some motivation. I've started running, and since I've started running, I've gained weight. I would like to lose about 3-4 stone (I know it sounds a lot - but trust me). I'm just having soooo much trouble getting motivated to do it! You know? I just feel like I can't be bothered even though I know it'll only positively impact my new hobbies...

So my question to you all is - what motivates you? what keeps you going?



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  • Hi RuNananana

    What keep me motivated to lose weight is the challenges on the forum which can be found in the Pinned posts. I have managed to lose nearly 5 stone by joining different challenges as I go along. At the moment I'm doing the Re-boot one with Anna61 and the April Excercise challenge with TheJuggler to keep me moving.


  • YellowRose55 can I just say 5 stone is such an amazing achievement - keep going woman!

  • Thank you Mochta I still have a way to go but really pleased to get this far.

  • Are you eating the right amount of calories every day as advised by the bmi index calculator? When I first joined I wasn't eating the right amount and wasn't losing any weight. When I upped the amount to the amount in the bmi section I started losing weight. I done this because someone advised me to as apparently if you don't eat enough calories your brain tells your body you are trying to starve it so it then turns what you do eat into body fat to ensure it can continue every day. Since I have eaten the right amount I have lost almost 2st and I have also found parts of my body that seemed very flabby are becoming firmer too. This could also be one of the reasons that you are not losing weight. If you are eating enough the. Maybe you are eating too much. Otherwise I don't personally know any other reasons. Good luck with your weight loss though.

  • Hi I agree with YellowRose55 the challenges are great for motivation. I also like to pop on the forum at least two or three times a week if not more, read a few posts, help if I can, take note of other people's replies, sometimes it's very motivational just to see what everyone else is achieving. Good luck xx

  • I agree with YellowRose 55- the monthly challanges help. I am doing the NHS 12week weight loss programme though I am on about my 15th week! I am loosing weight and the weeks when I haven't I have had a valid reason- family staying for a week, a girlie long weekend away and birthday party. Everyone on the forum though not experts have had different experiences of loosing weight and tips they have picked up from falling off the wagon (so to speak) which everyone can laern from and find out what works for them. Some poeple give themselves a target weight loss over a set time- maybe over a month or by a significant event- wedding etc and then once they have acheived that mini goal they give themselves a non-food reward- new item of clothing, spa day, or a make over.

  • I face the fact I have been fat for 10 year as an adult........ 10 horrible years and yet I have so many good memories of food. I like to think of it in reverse. Imagine if you where thin. Someone told you "if you work hard for a month. you can eat what ever you like for a year" sounds like an amazing deal. I like to think I have already have my reward and have the memory's of the whole pizzas, the suggested family size, the failing cooking more to save for lunch, seeing the shameful reflection of the bottom of the pringles tube, the sound of your spoon hitting the bottom of a whole tube of Ben and jerry. I've had my reward and is looking more like 5 months than 10 months for me so even better bonus ( no matter how long it takes I have had so much good food for it to be worth it)

  • I find it difficult too. However, watching this might help:-)) theguardian.com/sport/video...

  • I love everything about that. :-)

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