Snacks / sweets at work

I cannot stop myself from snacking all the goodies people are bringing. Even after my healthy snacks (mainly fruits and nuts, I don't like veggies as a snack). I am alwyas after good big bowl o porridge with berries and yoghurt for breakfast, and I'm having herbal or green tea in my hand. I also eat proper warm lunch at work. But it doesn't help, my sweet tooth wins most of the time. All those biscuits, chocolates, cakes... :( I tried counting my cravings and how many I can resist. If I do not take what I want the urge is coming back every 15-25 min. It is the worst when I have less busy day and I am kind of board. I cannot do many breaks or go for a walk. My office is very small, so I cannot lost if from my sight. I just started my new job and 2 out of 4 of my colleagues are buying / eating sweets all the time.

Any ideas how to overcome this urge in my head?


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12 Replies

  • Why don't you have a chat to your colleagues, I'm sure they'll be supportive IgaT , You may find some of them feel the same.

    Your HR person or department will also support you on this. Can the treats be put away out of sight ?

    I really hope you can change this situation for you, I would find it impossible to resist !

  • We don't have any place we can put them in and those are sweets-to-share. And I want to learn how to resist temptation, not make everybody around do things my way. I have to learn it, as I have similar situation at home. I got rid of all sweets, but my partner like from time to time eat something sweet, so now we have huge jug of Nutella. My partner is very supportive, so we hid it, but I know it's there.

    I am sure there will be many more places where sweets will be on sight and to share. I want to learn how to stop myself. I just have no idea how to do it. At least, not yet.

  • Hi IgaT, I posted a picture recently in a thread called The Art of Cherry Picking a Plate, Surprise Sequel. It shows my work space fridge, door open, full of sugar laden soft drinks, chocolates, cheese, peanut butter etc. and a coffee table loaded with biscuits, crisps and dates. It is behind me as I type, still full of stuff, yet I haven't touched anything in it for the last week, oh, I tell a lie, I get my WATER out of it.

    How am I doing it? I decided I needed to eat healthier, I KNEW that grazing and snacking on that rubbish was not helping at all, just the opposite. To succeed I promised myself every time I turn round I would grab a bottle of water instead of the junk food and drink it. Still peckish, drink another bottle of water. It worked, my water intake skyrocketed but made me feel full, after a day, 2 days, 3 days I realized I didn't NEED that junk food, I just WANTED it, on a whim. All those whims add up to inches.

    Take control IgaT, find a substitute and stick to it, you can do it.

  • I'll try the water thing, as my H2O consumption is far from what I want. I'm drinking a lot of herbal/green teas, but not pure water. So it would be a double win :)

  • Bring a pack of small water bottles to work, 330 ml and stand them right next to where the treats are if they are in a central spot. Grab one every time, I thought it would be tougher but a week later and really, I don't want that stuff any more. Good luck.

  • OMG! I've just read your post with the "treats", seeing and reading all of made me crave all of them. I am so proud and impressed by you and your actions! I'll read your posts after work.

    Keep up good work!

  • This is a difficult one, most people would struggle and a pity the sweets etc are in view all the time. In the end you have to concentrate on the end goal of being slimmer and fitter and learn to resist the high sugar stuff more often. It gets easier the more times you do it, basically training your brain to ignore the temptations, all those eating lots of sweets/cakes will eventually have some sort of problem themselves, inevitable as you age! You should make sure you are not really hungry or thirsty either, but sounds like you are doing well with a good breakfast.

    Maybe give yourself some sort of non food reward for every day/week you have resisted.

    All I can say is that I lost weight and now maintaining and cutting back on anything sugary has helped.

    Good luck!

  • Non-food treats after each non-sweets day is a really good idea. I need to think of some nice, small rewards :)

    I am not hungry nor thirsty. I'm just on the begining of the road to control my cravings.

    For some time, I thought it might have been not enough magnesium at food. Bit for weeks I'm eating high Mg foods and take some Mg supplement. From time to time, I allow myself for a small piece of chocolate, BUT 100% dark cocoa, nothing else inside (no sugar, no milk). Nevertheless, my chocolate and sweet cravings didn't go away.

  • Each time you go to eat something you have a choice: say no, eat a healthy option or eat a poor option. Make a good choice 8 times out of ten so that you feel in control and your urge to snack should be conquered over a period of time. Remember you are aiming for improvement not perfection WILL succeed at improvement but set yourself up for failure if you expect perfection.

  • Hi, I posted a similar scenario on my post of having crisps and cake physically given to me at work. I would like to do the water by the side of snacks in the staff kitchen, what a good idea, but the work treats are put on my work station with tea, we eat the treat and chatting goes back and forth across the room. I feel I have to be part of the team. Also i have been on a diet for a year now and really fed up with it as I have not lost a 1lb, so now I succumb easily. What if I say I have a bit of an upset tummy from overeating over the Bank holiday, so not to have the treat, do you think there will be consequences?

  • Maybe, you can take only tea and chat without cake? Maybe you can tell it is a healthy / tummy-related issue? Or you can bake healthy cakes to take to work and share? My friend is posting a lot of healthy bakery stuff. I am not baking, so I cannot help much in this area.

  • Thinking about it I realise I cannot have a tummy upset all the time so I am going to say I am going on a health kick (they will like that term) to get myself ready for the 5k run in June as I have a lot of work to do to be able to tackle the run. Will let you know how I get on.

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