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Wine Wednesday

Well wine Wednesday raised its ugly head last night and I feel really disappointed in myself. I could make all the excuses in the world like I was tired which I was I was stressed out a bit which I was and then I thought NO that's just excuses so today after work I am going to go for a long walk to up my steps and thanks to walle who messaged me I will buy those scales I keep putting off from Argos I think. Sorry if I sound a bit disheartened I am not really just annoyed with myself. I hope you all have had a better Wednesday then me but one good thing I did add up my calories and I wasn't too much over so if I am careful today I might be able to lose weight for Monday have a nice day everyone it's frosty but sunny here in Chelmsford 😊🤞

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Morning Kim58

Don't be disappointed in yourself we all have those days when we have that glass of wine to unwind from the day. Work it inot your calories if thats what you want on a Wednesday. You don't need to be sorry, just draw a line under it now and keep going.

Have a lovely day.



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