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Apple pie works!!!

A few of you may remember my post from a couple of weeks ago, saying I had eaten apple pie and lots of other 'naughty' things whilst being away for a long weekend. Well, I'm pleased to say that I still lost that week and have now reached a loss of a stone and a half in just over two months. I am so pleased. Only another stone to go! I can honestly say that I have found it relatively easy to do. I decided to count calories (averaging approx 1000 -1200 per day). I have had loads of treats along the way.....chocolate, Viennese whirls, apple streusel, hot cross buns and of course, the famous apple pie!! Yes, I love my sweets. I never ever believed that I could do it. Why would I? I've never managed to do it before after many years of trying. I guess it's just a case of mind over matter. Tell yourself you can eat absolutely anything you want, in moderation, and that should spur you on. Also, try to do some kind of exercise most days, even if it's only running up and down the stairs a few times or riding around the block on your bike! I joined a gym, but only managed to go about twice a week. In between times I did a brisk walk for about forty minutes or so. Good luck to everyone out there who is thinking its a long, steep struggle. It is at times, no doubt about it. My advice is to try not to look too far ahead and concentrate on a day to day basis. Don't give up if you eat one of those 'naughty' things, just enjoy it and then try and eat sensibly, looking forward to your next treat (or two), the following day. Including apple pie!!

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I agree with the "everything in moderation" philosophy tubbymummy but I need to eat more than 1000 calories!!

Well done on your loss, that's fabulous 😊

Best wishes


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Thank you.


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