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Day 3

So far, so good!

It's very encouraging reading about everyone's losses simply from following the 12 week plan and doing some exercise...

Re: the plan, would you count walking as the aerobic activity, or does it have to be something that raises the heart rate more?

Yesterday was a success eating-wise, and I went for a 40 minute jog (walking for one minute every 5 minutes) which was a lovely stress reliever after having coped with ill children all weekend - I was so motivated to just get out of the house for some fresh air having not been able to leave since friday!!

For me one of the keys is to have a savoury breakfast as then I don't feel the need for anything sugary as the day goes on (I even made my daughter's birthday cake without licking the spoon!) so I'm sticking to a boiled egg for breakfast, with spinach and toast, and this morning I added some mushrooms.

I like on the nhs bmi calculator that there is a range for calorie intake as then I can record my food (trying to stick to 1400) but if I go up or down either side I don't have to overthink it. And it's very easy to cook normal food that the whole family can eat - I am just being prompted to think about how much of it I eat.

Feeling really good, so onwards (and downwards hopefully!)

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Walking is definitely an excellent aerobic exercise, Leman and if you do it briskly, it can soon raise your heartbeat :)

Well done for getting out and doing some jogging, I find that running clears my mind too and makes me feel much calmer. You might like to consider joining some of our challenges, for further ideas and motivation for exercise. You'll find all the threads in the Pinned Posts section, to the right of your screen :)

It sounds as if you're getting very comfortable with the plan and enjoying your journey, which is key to success.

Keep up the great work and definitely onwards and downwards! :)

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Keep it up Leman, Day 4 was my glitch day, though more work related, back on track day 5 and going good on day 6 too. Good effort on the jogging too, it will help with the inch loss and the weight loss.


Thanks Stevo that was really helpful. It helped me have renewed determination for the start of today!


Good luck for the rest of the week! And well done for getting a jog in.

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