The Art of Cherry Picking a Plate, Surprise Sequel

The Art of Cherry Picking a Plate, Surprise Sequel

For anyone who has been following the sage there is a twist to the tale. Not only do I have to control what I pick from the menu choice, but I also have to resist the following temptations, present in my shared office 24/7. These are constantly restocked by the catering group, may be someone's idea of paradise, an unending chocolate supply, for me it's a bit of a nightmare! As it's a shared space I can't just chuck it out into the desert, willpower will have to do.

Stuff I am avoiding:

Fridge; Canned soda's, various types, fruit juice, various, peanut butter, cheese slices, cheese squares, box of various chocolate bars (Mars, Snicker, KitKat, Bounty and Galaxies)

On the 'good' side is the fruit packs, they are my sugary treat now, I will wipe out a pack a day easy, 2 apples, a pear, a plum, an orange, a kiwi and a small bunch of grapes. There are also a couple of low fat yoghurts in there that I can have when hunger strikes.

Coffee Table, all avoid zone; 5 packs of digestives (plain and chocolate) 2 packs of chocolate bourbons, 3 packs of butter biscuits, 5 packs of Lays crisps, various flavours. 2 boxes of dates.

To be honest I will have the odd date or two, they are packed with natural sugars but also a lot of other decent stuff. Can't have many though.

That's a Bunn Industrial coffee maker, I can make a pot of coffee in about 37 seconds, and another, and another, it's a coffee making monster. It's got 3 hot plates, if you ever need 6 liters of coffee in a minute and a half let me know! Hasn't been used since I started the plan, I like sugar in my hot drinks and I figured I could do well to cut out the refined sugar, so I'm on a pure water plan for fluids, 2 boxes (26 lt) are within arms reach below all the treats...ooops, sorry, below the poison!!!


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6 Replies

  • OMG, Stevo, I don't know how you cope!! I'd have to have my mouth wired!! :o

  • Oh StevoI feel for you 😬😲

    It's not just seeing it all for me it would be all the food smells. Coffee and choccie goes so well........

    Good luck


  • Oh you are so right, that's why that machine is switched off! Didn't think about the effect of the aromas but it would be harder I'm sure.

    Sticking with it so far though so good to go.

  • :O Oh my gosh!! At least there IS fruit.... a small silver lining. I couldn't resist all the coffee though. heaven.

  • It's very tricky having all that around you. Maybe the company should be thinking about providing healthier alternatives all round - you can't be the only person concerned about their health

  • Even more Wow! Thank goodness for the fruit to eat! I love peanut butter stuffed into dates - might give you a bit of variety. Also peanut butter (not much) spread on slices of apple.

    Keep up the good work.

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