Exercise buddies/fighting cravings

Hi. I'm in the middle of a craving for sweet things so I'm going to write a post on here to distract myself. I gave in to rocky road brought in by the boss this morning but my exercise buddies have been available today. One at work who rowed for 30mins with me at lunch then a 'walk and talk' for an hour with a friend this evening round and about the estate. Booking ourselves in to do this every Monday really helps. I just wouldn't stick at it if I was doing it alone. Maybe I need to spread the two out across the week though. No great weight loss still, but I'm probably healthier on the inside.


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16 Replies

  • Hi! Don't eat the sweet thing. The longer you go without the less the cravings will be! You can do this! It would be good to space out your exercise buddy sessions.

  • Thank you. Your encouragement is really helping. Well done losing 5 stone - that's awesome!

  • You catch me eating an apple ( check me out) as I too was heading off in search of snacks! Good idea to post a message as a distraction. Could you go for a walk at the weekend as well with your friend?

  • I've joined a Ballet fit class on Sundays which I really enjoy, so I barely notice I'm exercising. Sometimes we do meet up at weekends but it's more of a family time then. I think I'll ask my gym buddy to change to later in the week. Keep up the apple munching and you'll soon be on the way to your first badge :)

  • Thanks, I am really proud of myself but I still need to lose more. I have lost 5 1/2, aiming for 6 stone badge by middle of May

  • That would be really good. Do they do 'half stone' badges?

  • No, it's a big enough job for the fabulous volunteer administrators to give out all of the stone badges.

  • Fair enough :)

  • Hi lake swimmer , if you can keep of the sweet stuff at first, it defiantly gets easier 😀

  • Good way to keep the cravings at bay Lakeswimmer. Have to say you have some good strategies worked out, well done.

  • Cheers!

  • Bedtime for me and you've all got me through it, thanks! I wouldn't turn down a snack if it landed in my lap, but I'm not going to go looking for one now as it's too late in the day. Next meal is breakfast - my favourite meal :)

  • Perfect! That's why we are here. Glad you managed to resist

  • I love the idea of an exercise buddy. So much easier to commit with someone else in tow. All I've got is the pesky dog !!!

  • Having a dog is such a good way to guarantee regular exercise. You could maybe combine that once a week with a human dog-walking buddy like a neighbour or someone you know who walks their dog the same time as you?

  • Yes that's true. I have a little dog and whatever the weather they need a walk. Nothing better than a god brisk walk with my dog. I always feel better and have a good natter with my doggie friends.

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