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Hoping this to be my last diet ever!


Hi everyone

Have been recommended this diet by a friend who is losing weight well on it.

Have tried many diets over the years, and eventually put the weight back on.

Suffering with knee problems, which am sure will get better with weight loss.

Looking forward to getting going.:)

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Good luck, you can do it !

Thank you .. am a little unsure about the calorie allowance as it says between 1659-2133?

Should I start on 1659, I thought it was 1400 for women. Am confused before I start, but just want to get it right.

nteapea2020 February
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hi cer2dwin I eat at the lower end of my range because that is how I lose weight other people can eat in the middle of the range and still lose weight. Play around with it but remember to adjust as you lose weight 😀

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thank you will try that :)

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Hi- if you are doing the 12 week NHS weight loss plan they state 1400 calories which is what I am following. the calories when you put in your weight and activity level is I think reccomended if you can't manage the 1400. When I have eaten over the 1400 I still feel ok if its less than the lowest range I was given when I first started- also I will use it as a guide when I I reach my target weight and build up to my maintenance calorie intake.

Good luck with your weight loss I have gone from 63kg to 57.5kg since I started, so it does work- despite a few weeks when I have I not followed- family staying for a week and a girl's long weekend away!!

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Thank you RG07 - I did really well yesterday, am struggling today but still counting everything, and weighing all foods too. So looking for a nice downward move on the scales next Tuesday.

You have done really well, how long did that take you?

My last diet was Rachel Ricketts Metabolism Diet, which the weight fell off easily, but the food was very repetitive,very little carbs, lots of eggs. So as soon as I got to the end having lost 3st, I could introduce the old foods back, and if I put on weight it would determine which foods were the problem.

I much prefer eating normal foods, but just watching the portion sizes.

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started 2nd january- my New Years Resolution! I prefer calorie counting rather than diets taht restrict foods because psychologically I can cope better if I don't think of it as a diet! Its easier to do that with calorie counting because to a large degree you are eating the same foods but smaller portions and it gets you thinking about what you ar eating so because you are aware of the calories you are eating you are thinking about eating healthily because fatty foods tend to have higher calorie count so don't tend to fill you up for long. The NHS plan covers snacks. alcohol and healthy eating habits- doing small changes hopefully helps you change your lifestyle- I am a lot more active than I used to be- I used to have a lot of slob days on my day off and the odd slob day a week became evry day off!!!

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I agree, it makes you think about portion size, and whether it is worth using up extra calories, on something quite small that may not fill you up.

The scales are moving in the right direction.

Returned from an all inclusive two week holiday last week, and so far have lost more than I put on ..fingers crossed it keeps going that way.

So fingers crossed.

I'm sure it will work out really well for you, Cer2dwin, and we will all be cheering you on!

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Thank you , Julie. Will cheer everyone else as well.

It is nice to know there are likeminded people offering support.


Hello cer2dwin and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum 😊

Here are a few suggestions on how to get the most out of the forum. Please note if you are using the new HU App many of these features are not available so I suggest you use the full website version.

The first place to look is at the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile), read the Welcome Newbie thread first and move through to the challenges, where we hope you'll find at least one that will appeal to you ☺

Move down to the Topics, to find a variety of threads, collated into specific topics for ease of access and we ask that you also 'file' your own threads, so that others won't miss your important news ☺

Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as many people have had success with it. Also use the BMI checker to find your target calories, it's important to eat enough. This was a major turning point for me, realising I could eat anything I wanted as long as the calories are accounted for. I see you have already done this and I would start towards the top of the range initially and see how it goes. 😊

Don't forget to take your starting measurements and a 'before' picture, as they can be very motivating on days that the scales refuse to co-operate ☺

The forum also have group weigh-ins every day if you wish to take part. The posts can always be found in the Events section on the 'home' page ☺

You'll notice a grey box next to people's names, these are achievement badges, and as a new member you may have a 'Newbie' badge. If you have any questions or would like a Newbie badge please just ask ☺

We've found that to get the best out of this community, we need to be active on the forum, as it's where we exchange information, get motivation and inspiration and make friends. We hope that you'll join us here, regularly, too ☺

Best wishes


Thank you Anna, that's all very helpful.

Can I please have a newbie badge? :) Onwards and downwards. here we go !

I don't count calories, but 1400 might be for maintaining rather than weight loss? There's a tool somewhere. I imagine someone on here could direct you to it. I've got a feeling your calorific needs will decrease as your size decreases and that's what it's based on. Good luck :)

Thank you Lakeswimmer

Think I will start on 1600 then decrease as I stop losing. fingers crossed:)

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1400 is for weight loss its reccommended by the NHS weight loss plan for women and I think its 1600 for men. When I started and I put my weight into calorie calculated and my range was around 1650-1975. Its reccommended in general that women should eat around 2000 calories a day to maintain though obviously it varies depending on age and how active you are.

Yes, why not. Steady weight loss is the best way forward, along with lifestyle changes. You can always adapt your plans as time goes by. I just saw that Anna61 referred to a BMI checker. That might be worth a look. :)


If you go on the NHS Choices Living well page that has a calorie counter- if you are at a healthy BMI you won't get any calories, but if you aren't if will give a minimum and maximum daily intake- minimum for weight loss and max for maintenance

Stick to the calorie recommendations provided by the BMI calculator.

As to where you begin, largely rests upon daily activity level. If you happen to be sedentary, stick to the lower end of the recommendation. However, if you happen to be lightly active, exercising up to 3 times per week, for example, aim for somewhere in the middle.

Regardless of where you start, aim to gradually phase out the regular consumption of cakes, sweets and pastries, alongside white varieties of potato, pasta, rice and bread, opting for complex carbohydrates, such as oats, lentils, quinoa, beans (not in tomato sauce).

If you happen to be UK based, check out Aldi's Specially Selected or M&S' Taste of Summer salad pot range, to provide an idea of the kind of complex carbs you ought to be eating on a daily basis. Combined with ready cooked chicken breast or oak roast salmon flakes and side salad, for example, they make fantastic, no fuss, lunches and evening meals.

Although you may have tried numerous diet plans, it'd be worth consulting the glycemic index of foods, aiming to ensure that those foods with a GI value of 60 or higher are consumed sparingly throughout the week. For example, although considered healthy, a baked potato possesses a GI rating of around 82.

On the assumption that gall-bladder issues don't exist, for example, the consumption of fat shouldn't be dismissed either. It's consumption should remain measured, due to calorie content, but provided it's obtained from avocados, nuts, dairy produce and oily fish, on an intake of 1700Kcal, 55g a day should suffice; just aim to avoid deep fried produce and processed meats as much as possible.

However, regular exercise remains crucially important. In addition to improving fitness levels, it helps to improve the body's sensitivity to insulin, hence why regular exercise is recommended to type II diabetics as means of helping to manage their condition. The more frequently exercise is undertaken, the greater the overall reduction of glycogen and excess glucose.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of exercise upon levels of glucose, type I diabetics will routinely administer less insulin before the activity, allowing exercise itself (particularly cardiovascular) to naturally reduce the overall concentration of glucose within the bloodstream; administering too much insulin before exercise can result in disastrous consequences.

Although you may encounter issues with your knees, possibly consider activities such as swimming, since the body is supported by the water throughout. With such an activity, the key to generating propulsion through the water is to employ the use of body roll, rather than using kick/pull technique that is routinely taught.

For a greater understanding, visit totalimmersion.co.uk. Alternatively, visit YouTube and type in Total Immersion. Upon finding Terry Laughlin and Shinji Takeuchi, you'll have found the videos that ought to be observed and studied. Here's one of Terry and Shinji swimming side by side:

Equally, observe the following video of Terry swimming by himself, as he demonstrates the technique:

Freestyle/front crawl really is easy when you know how.

Thank you this is very helpful.

Have been swimming with a pull buoy but will try total emersion.

Have walked each day for one hour but has aggravated my meniscus so will have to rethink that.

Will also check out the m and s salad range.

Have had a good week so far.So here's hoping it wilk continue


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