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finally back posting!!!

Hi beautiful people!

I have been out fo a few month cause life took over and I did not find the time to post, but I was trying to follow in the background. Then I realize that this forum saved my life (almost literally in the long run) back in July. When I joined I was 96 kilos and feeling down. After a few months of loosing 15 kilos, I went back very close to my healthy BMI (which is about 79/80) I was healthier and happier.

I regularly weigh in and regularly posted for a few weeks, then life took over. Too much work and travelling.

I have 5 minutes now and I have decided to give a quick update. I am still maintaining which makes me happy (up and down 1 kilos, but that's ok...

this forum was a great help!!! I hope I will manage to write more often :)

have a lovely week

all the best


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Great to hear from you marco83 and even better to hear that you have been successfully maintaining 😊 did you see there is now a monthly maintainers club? It might be helpful for you

Best wishes


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I'll check it out and try to be more around here!!!


Hi Marco and welcome back! Great to hear that you are maintaining! Like Anna suggests, you should join our Maintainers' Club. We take turns making a post once a month - see the most recent one here healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

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