High blood pressure

Hi, hoping to get some inspiration. Had blood pressure checked 3 weeks ago and today, both times too high at 130/90 which means my gp won't prescribe me some medication. I know I need to lose weight and feel very motivated. Having BP checked in a week. Can I really lower it in a week?

Also tips on some gentle exercise would be appreciated as my sciatica is playing up :-( thanks all x


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  • Hello Natsjam and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum 😊

    I'm sorry I have little knowledge of blood pressure and how quickly dietary change will affect it. But sensible eating and improving exercise will help long term 😊

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    Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as many people have had success with it. Also use the BMI checker to find your target calories, it's important to eat enough. This was a major turning point for me, realising I could eat anything I wanted as long as the calories are accounted for ☺

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  • Hi Natsjam lots of walking is great exercise and some people have recommended Lesley samsone on you tube- I do all my exercise from you tube

  • Along with increasing your exercise, try to cut out sugary foods / drinks, and swap 'white' for 'brown' bread etc. Eat lots of colourful vegetables. It's not likely that you can lower BP in a week, but you can make a start.

  • I've just ordered a monitor so I can take my BP at home too. Not trying to pretend there's nothing wrong but I suspect a bit of 'white coat syndrome' and the nurse did tell me that the cuff wasn't exactly the right size! If I get better readings at home it'll make me go to the nurse much calmer. And if not, we'll I'm motivated to stick to being better in order to improve my overall health.

  • Stress can definitely affect your BP!

  • So my BP monitor arrived and I got a reading of 123/83

    That was after resting a few minutes. Much better than the one the nurse took!

  • hi. ive managed to lower my blood pressure by eating healthy & doing more exercise but it has taken a couple of months to reduce it.. x

  • Hi Natsjam, I'm not medically qualified , although I do know normal blood Pressure range 120/129 & 80-89 therefore you don't seem to be too high . Also white coat syndrome is anxiety which causes stress when visiting Docs raising blood pressure .. As for wanting medication from Doc's I would try & avoid rather than become dependant on prescription drugs if it's possible to make required changes through diet & exercise .. Just a few ideas/alternative things to consider . Good luck 👍

  • I don't want medication for the blood pressure... they won't give me a repeat of the pill till they get a decent reading! The nurse stresses me to get honest!

  • I suspected it would be this! I've always had ok BP, at about 120/70, but my weight caused some issues with my GP who didn't want to prescribe the pill when I was still obese. It took me over a year to get into the right head space and I finally lost the weight and then that GP left and the nurse doesn't seem to bother about my weight!

    I have found my BP has further improved with weight loss, but it took a few months to see any real changes - hopefully yours is mostly white coat syndrome. Can you ask if they will give you three month's worth and reappraise your BP then? That will give you more time to deal with it.

  • Ps. Sorry missed your post re: already being informed re: white coat syndrome 😃

  • Bloodpressureuk.org has lots of useful info .. 👍 Gentle exercises checkout NHS 10 min workouts good luck

  • If they won't give you the pill you were on them ask for another type or go to family planning clinic . I think it's morally wrong for the nurse to make this decision because your now in a vulnerable position re: your personal relations.. I appreciate she may think she's right from a medical perspective but your blood pressure is only slightly raised , I believe her concern is to do with blood clotting/thrombosis but her actions seem a little drastic . Happy to be corrected if I'm missing the point 😳😃

  • A little more info apparently if your classed as being overweight the combined pill is less effective. Although there is a pill called cerazette that some woman have been prescribed. Other options implants, jabs or the coil. Some are more suitable than others , need to obvs figure out what works for you.. The issue of taking the pill as I think back to my younger days is that it bloats & puts weight on .. A little weight loss seems to be the way forward , easier to say than do. Also family planning clinic may be more supportive & less stressful for you. Another few options to consider

  • The guidance is quite strict these days around the combined pill, particularly if you're over 35, and they do try and put everyone down the injection or implant route. I had to fight really hard for my prescription when I was obese, despite having clinically low risk otherwise. The implant hormones caused massive weight gain in me, which took a year to stabilise and I was also convinced it caused low moods. Contraception is such a minefield, even in this day and age.

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