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Back at work starting over

Hi everyone we'll it was a bit of a shock being back at work after three weeks off for Easter and I will weigh in but have to say I put on 3lb on from the last time I weighed in so although I am disappointed but have to say I expected it after being on holiday and off work for that time. So far today I have been careful and have 1,000 calories left to play with for dinner etc tonight and I will be walking again tonight too so hopefully next Monday I can lose that poundage or at least some of it lol and get back on track again. When I am at work I find it easier then being at home as I tend to pick at food does anyone else do that too? Well here's hoping and I hope you have all done well too but if like me you haven't don't beat yourself up about it just start again. This forum is great for helping to keep you motivated don't give up. 🤞🤞😊

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It's much easier to eat when you have time on your hands and open access to food, Kim, that's how I gained nearly 7 stone, in 4 years!!! :o

Well done you for stopping the rot at just 3lbs, it could have been a whole lot worse! :)


Oh moreless I couldn't count it's 4 not 3 I put on but thankyou so much for the reply now I've got to get over it and move on

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4lbs is piffling, compared to 7 stone, so don't you worry! You'll see those pesky pounds off in next to no time! :)


Hi Kim like you I have just had two weeks off for Easter and managed to put on 2lb :( but back to work today and back to a routine , so I know my activity levels will be up and I won't have time to think so much about food and not able to eat while working so hope to lose that 2lb soon :) we can do this good luck :)


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