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The Art of Cherry Picking a Plate chapter II

The Art of Cherry Picking a Plate chapter II

Ah, lunch, the midway meal, filling the hole from breakfast and charging you up for the day ahead. Here's what I get:

The salad, this gets eaten every day, all pretty fresh, green leaves carrots, cucumber. No dressing, just a squeeze of lemon. There's always some form of beans or pulses in there too.

Pots contain meatballs in a bit of a greasy sauce, tiny chocolate éclair, corn soup, curried okra. The soup goes down the hatch, the desert and okra in the bin, always. The meatballs aren't too bad tasting but quite greasy so I'll have a couple of them because they taste different from the chicken.

The chicken, the staple dish of the year, makes an appearance in every meal bar breakfast. Usually roasted so not too bad, just a bit bland. This one has an incinerated bit of onion skin on it, probably in an attempt to give it a bit of French flair!

The rice and spuds I will leave, preferring to get my calories from elsewhere. but I hoover up any and all veggies on the plate, which today is cabbage and carrot.

The full cream yoghurt and coke will go in the fridge, someone else will eat them later. I'll have a couple of bottles of water with lunch.

Only dinner to go, oh, and the midnight snack box!

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Some sensible choices there 😊 Don't be afraid of a few potatoes, rice or full fat yogurt . . . But you seem to be well in control of your calories 😊


Interesting to see your food for the day all laid out like this!

I am guessing this is "workplace provided" lunch? And... that you're not in the UK?

Where on earth do you work that you get your meals delivered to you like this?

And how come they give you rice AND potatoes? Seems a strange combination?

Nosey, aren't I??? :D :D :D

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Not at all Pineapple27, what's normal for one person can be strange for another. I work at a Remote Well Service site in Saudi Arabia. We basically follow drilling rigs around and perform further work on newly drilled wells. We have a centrally based accommodation camp that also provides catering to the remote camps. Right now we are 95 km's from the camp so the food has to travel a ways to get to us.

As for the rice and potatoes they try to satisfy as many tastes as they can in one serving, we have a lot of different nationalities here, westerners may prefer the spuds, easterners may want the rice.


Ahh, guessed it may be something like that! There's a member on another weight loss site I use who works on off shore platforms. He sometimes shares what he's eaten for the day and there are some rather "strange" combinations. But makes sense when you are trying to feed a large number of hungry workers from a variety of cultures.


The offshore guys are usually pretty well looked after food wise, especially in the North Sea. The best food I ever had at work was when I was on the Hakyuru VIII, a Japanese Drilling company platform in the Arabian Gulf. Those cooks, the Japanese cuisine, I ate like a king and it was so healthy I lost weight whenever I was there!


Well, at least it's a varied diet Stevo, albeit all on one plate. 🙂

I eat quite a lot of rice on my diet as I love curries and risottos, but just smaller portions. Okra is nutritious too, nice bitter flavour. Like the idea of a midnight feast 😀


Can't wait to see your next meal! It's so interesting. Wonder what's in midnight snack box, I am thinking cheese, maybe not cheese - bad for digestion, maybe cereal? It's like on a plane when you never know what will be inside the dishes. I love that and miss it these days on short flights


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