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'Soup Lunch' treat

Hi all, am going to try a post and see if the 'submit' button will work for me today, otherwise I'll be talking to myself again.

Yesterday I attended a 'Soup lunch' with some friends; oh, what a treat! Home made Carrot and Coriander Soup, or Leek and Potato, with either white crusty bread, wholemeal or rye bread, butter, and cream to mix with the soup!

I went with the C&C with a small piece of rye bread with butter, but was very abstemious and left out the cream.

After a 10k brisk walk and a grass cutting session in the afternoon I was absolutely famished, so had a paella, which I put on a huge bed of steamed spring greens and mushrooms! I was amazed to find my calorie count was still within 1200, and for once I felt really satisfied and didn't have to fight off the temptation to have an evening raid on the naughty cupboard!

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Sounds like a lovely day battlethebulge 😊 And lovely food too 😊

Have a great week

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It sounds delicious. I regularly make Leek & Potato soup, when it's liquidized it looks more appetising and filling. Yummy.

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