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Slowly does it

Last week 92.7kg

Today 92.4 kg

A loss is a loss 😀

the last couple of weeks have been spent in the garden chopping wood, chipping branches and digging. Still cold but the weather is getting better and better and we the light nights are getting longer.

Not been running and have decided to start the couch to 5km all over again and fully commit to running outside. In fact today I will go for my first run. Always wanted to run a marathon and after watching the London Marathon yesterday I got inspired. Lets see if I can train myself up in a year. No promises but it is a dream that needs exploring.

Have a good week all


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A loss is most efinitely a loss Janpes 😊

It's great to work out in our Green Gym isn't it? Good luck with the run . . . It's bitterly cold here in Scotland also today 😕

Have a good week 😊

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Hi Janpes

I agree a loss is a loss is a loss and that's all that matters.

I'm glad that Easter is all over and the chocolate isn't around so much. I managed only to succumb once. I went out to eat once but no dessert and stuck to diet soft drinks with the exception of my last drink of the night. I've been on top of the walking this week despite being a bit all over the place as my sister has had a baby and i've been back and forth to the hospital. Anyway, i was very pleased this week with a 3lb loss making 13lb in total since starting.

Good look for the week to come

16st 8lb - now 15st 9lb 100lb to lose, 87 to go.


Well done Jan

Lol! I'm starting over too😊

You are always so positive I can see you doing the half marathon!

Come on Jan! Come on Jan!

We will have to get a group of us to cheer you on next year! With Pom poms! Yay 😊👍


You are absolutely right- a loss is a loss! You will get there slowly but surely.

It took me a year to get to a half marathon. I'm sure it can be done faster but just don't run the risk of injury by doing too much too soon.


Hi Janpes i love to read your posts, well done you for your progress and goals for the future. Cheering you onwards.. 🎉🎉🎉


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