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First glitch day

Knew it had to happen sooner or later, so was not a surprise when it did. Day 3 went great, best day yet for cals, but day 4 started off pear shaped and I struggled later on.

My job can be a case of extremes, sometimes we are sat waiting on something and have all the time in the world, other times we are pulled in 12 different directions, yesterday was a busy day. Breakfast sat uneaten until 11 in the morning when it was taken away by the cleaner. Lunch arrived at 12 but was untouched until 2:30 when I managed to bolt down the salad plate and a portion of sheperds pie. I had been working flat out chasing down one issue after another, mostly out of the office. Felt the effects around 7 in the evening, after having a normal dinner I still felt hungry and ended up scarfing down a couple of chocolate bars plus half the bits that normally end up being left as they are too many calories for what they are (looking at you sticky bun).

Strangely the calorie count was still within my BMI range, though I felt like I had overeaten.

New day today, on the positive side I have stayed true to the fizzy pop ban, the only thing I have been drinking is good old water, no tea, coffee or pop. Been easier than I thought it would and it's gotta be good for you right?

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Well done Stevo5585 for staying within your calorie count. At first I thought you were describing one of my calorie "over spill" days. Eating regularly has been one of the great revelations for me, as I only used to eat once a day and not even snack, then the evening was calorie mayhem.

Your body had those choccies etc because you were feeling hungry and I think you did great to keep counting the calories (it can be easy to stop when you know you're not eating the right things) and for staying within your daily limit.

And definitely 'good for you' staying off the pop, which has zero health benefits, only eating away into the daily calorie allowance and means you can't eat nicer things.

So, the day didn't go as you'd planned, and maybe you can plan against that eventuality in the future, but I think you did well.


Ha, didn't think of it like that, good point keeping up the calorie count. I can't have access to the calorie counter when I'm off duty so I've gotten into the habit of noting it all down. The menu's pretty limited so I already have a good idea of the calorie cost for what's on the plate.

For breakfast I'm already up and working an hour before the truck arrives with the breakfast delivery, so it's not like I can change the timings, all depends on what's happening. I need to get something healthy as an emergency stock maybe for times when I am busy and having to eat on the run, though I've found most of those so called healthy breakfast bars are just sugar bombs in disguise!


You're right that those bars can be wrong 'uns. The good thing about noting down what we do, is that it does allow us to look back at what we did wrong and what we did right and then to adjust our ways accordingly.

When I started in January I had a specific idea on what I would be doing. I then pretty much amended my plan daily (as I kept reviewing) and now wouldn't recognise what I do now with what I thought I'd be doing (all in a good way).

Just a thought but have you got some way of nuking some porridge, which you can throw some fruit into. That's become my go to breakfast (and I used to hate porridge). I add cinnamon, sprinkle of salt and 15ml of maple syrup as well :)


Not a bad idea, we do have microwaves here so porridge is a great possibility.

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Hi Stevo, it happens to us all but don't give up, if you fall just pick yourself up and start again, we are only human and certain situations which are beyond us can sometimes get in the way but we can carry on and beat them. Yes water is good for you!!! Good luck and keep smiling :)


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