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First day complete!

Well, it is helpful to have an online community to do this healthy-lifestyle thing with rather than striking out on my own, so I'm glad I stumbled across it - good old nhs :)

I have had a successful first day!

I realise I am going to find it challenging to stick to correct portion sizes! I'm pretty sure that that is the main reason why I am heavier than I'd like to be/should be... (that and all the cakes, chocolate etc!!)

Today I ate:

B: 1 boiled egg with slice granary toast & spinach

Snack: handful nuts and a carrot

L: vegetable stir-fry with noodles & apple

S: chickpea curry with couscous, carrots and rocket

Then I made myself 'nice-cream' which is just a whizzed up frozen banana with a spoonful of cocoa and a splash of milk - I find it a good enough substitute for the real thing :)

I also did 30 minutes weights, so when I head off to bed I shall enjoy putting ticks on my little chart!

It is a great plan, all very sensible. But that's not my problem - I generally start well on these things, it's the keeping going that I struggle with! I'm pretty confident I will get through week 1 fairly smoothly... it's what happens after that which I am less optimistic about.

Still, I have found the 'before and after' stories on here very motivating, so hopefully this forum will help me stick with it!

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Well done your first day sounds like it went very well 💪

Don't worry about what will happen in 2-3 weeks down the line, do each day at a time small changes are easier to stick to, at any point you think you're going to slip, talk to us, we are all here to help and motivate each other. Even the smallest issues will be answered.

Just remember you are an amazing person who can and will succeed

Kat xx

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Thank you - yes, good advice to not worry about what's too far away. A day at a time and all :)