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Treat day😁

I have a treat day every Sunday to break up the dieting/cutting back week. So I went to the shop and wandered around not fancying anything.

I bought myself a packet of liquorish allsorts and headed home.

I think in my own opinion this also helps me with the dieting, I don't go mad just a little treat every week. 😁

Stay well and happy everyone 😁

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I think that's totally cool! And it's interesting how you allowed yourself freedom to have just what you fancied and it turned out that you were happy with a bag of liquorish which I reckon isn't that calorific, and not a mountain of cake and crisps. So it goes to show that we don't always have to suppress our hearts desire when it comes to food!


Surprised the hell out of my better half😁.

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Oh dear, a bag of liquorice all sorts is way better than what I've just bought! We are on holiday and decided to pop into Gloucester for a stroll around the Docklands and to see the Cathedral. Whilst strolling through the town we chanced upon a patisserie, shouldn't have stopped to look, but the cakes were stunning. 2 huge Custard slices later.....not both for me I hasten to add. I did ask hubby to share, but he gave me that look that said 'share a custard slice, are you mad' I will share mine with Poppydog. I have walked 6 miles today so that will help. Enjoy your liquorice allsorts😋


If you cant enjoy yourself on holiday when can you. Have a great time.

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Agree totally. I weigh myself once a week every Sunday and up or down I have a small treat,usually ice cream 🙂 It doesn't seem to affect the following weeks progress and it's good to have a tiny reward.


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