I'm back, with only 4lb gain

Hi all, I've been to USA and Spain, 10 days each with 3 days between. The USA was visiting my friend who has been having chemo and has hopefully beaten the dreaded C, then off to Spain for a lovely break. I dreaded getting on the scales when I got home yesterday so was amazed, yes amazed to find I'd only put on 4lb in total over both holidays. I did walk a lot so maybe that's why. My hubby, who had 2 major ops last year is doing really well and walked as much as if not more than me in Spain, he didn't come to USA as the journey would have been too much just yet.

It's lovely to get back on this forum and see so many familiar faces, its like coming home proper. Thank you. 😃 X


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7 Replies

  • HI Cockneyblue

    Welcome back, Hope your friend is doing well in USA and that you had a great holiday in Spain.

    You have done brilliant to only have a 4lb gain after both holidays, so well done. Glad to hear your hubby was able to enjoy the walking after his ops.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  • Thank you YellowRose55, she looked very good when I came home. My husband is doing good also, I couldn't wait for 2016 to disappear but both are doing well now. Also I have a new grandchild coming in July so welcome 2017 👍👍

  • Glad to hear your husband is doing well too. That is lovely that you have a new grandchild to look forward to in July.

  • Great to see a familiar name ...and wow, I thought I had had a stressful winter - yours tops mine any day - and you only gained 4lbs!!! Well done you - and glad to hear your husband is making good progress, and hope your friend is too.

    At least the weather has been kinder to us this spring and let's look forward to a great summer!

  • Thank you DD, keep riding, I love your stories. Xxx I hope your Mum is ok xxxx

  • Welcome Home ! Good news to only have a 4 lb gain, which I'm sure you will be rid of in a couple of weeks.

  • Hi Cockneyblue,

    Great to hear from hope you enjoyed your travelling. Well done on the 4Ib gain, I did that after just a week in Spain 😲

    Onward and downward 😀


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