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? Hypoglycaemia

I'm not sure but I think I may be hypoglycaemia - I eat very well (almost vegan) but not at particularly regular times. I go from not feeling hungry to starving in a short space of time and I feel much more anxious (I am on propranolol for anxiety and about to start the charles linden programme) and disorientated and can lose focus on what I'm doing. It has dawned on me that I have no sugar in my diet - no processed and very little fruit) so I have tried having a few sweets/spoon of sugar when the symptoms start and within 15-20 mins I feel better. Does anyone else have this and how do I keep blood sugar levels stable? Last year I was OK and used to run regularly and race walk but so far this year I am shattered all the time and have no motivation.

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Hi Rachel,

As we're not medically trained, I would suggest you see your GP about this problem, but my interim advice would be to eat regular, nutritious meals, rather than sweets and sugar to regulate your apparent hypoglycaemia.

It may be that your near vegan diet, is lacking in essential micro-nutrients and I believe B12 is something that has to be artificially replaced.

Please seek the appropriate medical advice asap. Good luck!


I'm going to book a telephone app tomorrow, thanks x


Hi and welcome,

Personally I'd get your doctor to check as if you have diabetes you may need insulin, also you would need to be aware of what and when you need to eat

Good luck xx


Thanks x


I agree with the others best to get this checked with your doctor, hopefully it's just something you can tweak with your diet.

I do have a tendency to hypoglycaemia, that's caused by a health condition that's not serious, I won't bore everyone with the details. I very rarely get hypos if I stick to what works for me which is eating meals with a combination of protein, low GI carbs, and some natural fat, not letting myself get too hungry, keeping healthy snacks available wherever I go and accepting that weight loss will be slow.

Just wondering if you get enough protein if you are almost vegan? I eat fish but not meat.

Good luck 😀


I think my diet needs a proper overhaul! I don't think I've been getting enough protein at all and probably not enough calories either. Cutting sugar out of my diet completely was maybe not a good idea, I obviously need more balance than veg, almond milk and camomile tea! 😀

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Yes I think so, there's nothing wrong with those things but you need a lot more! Go for slow release carbs rather than simple sugars though as they will cause a slower rise and fall in your blood sugars and keep them more level


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