19lbs so far/any lgbt folks on here?

So a 2 part update.

1st I'm 19 pounds down in total now although it has slowed due to a family easter period over the last 2 weeks but a move in the right direction is better than a reversal so its a win in my book :) 6 more pounds until I reach 18 stone, I don't think I've been under that for a least 5 years maybe 10 so thats my next micro-goal

Part 2

Struggling from a peer perspective. Whilst we all have things in common on here regarding weight loss I'd really like to connect with other gay/bi men loosing weight because there are nuances to the experience of loosing weight whilst being a member of the lgbt community (I don't feel much solidarity there at the moment because I'm not physically a twink and I get the pressure to loose lots of weight, fast and in a unhealthy way) so anyone who is part of the lgbt community on here, I'd love to hear from you


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9 Replies

  • Congratulations for losing 19lbs, thero_cpd, that's terrific!! I can't help with the 2nd part of your post, but I can award you a 1 stone badge, to help motivate you :)

  • Good luck with getting that 6 lb off, to reach the next stone will be brilliant for you, I can't wait myself although 9 to go for me! I hope you find some peer support, I know what you mean about needing support from peers. 🤞

  • Hey thero_cpd, well done on your loss and great that you're feeling so positive about the journey ahead.

    I'm a lesbian, which I know doesn't really help you with the peer support about your weight loss and perceptions about bigger guys in the LGBT community, but thought I'd say hi anyways. I think you've just got to do things the healthy and sensible way and try and ignore any pressures you get. I sometimes find the opposite - I get harassed for trying to lose weight because I'm "conforming to the male idea of what women should look like" rather than realising I might want to live past my 50s!!

  • Hi BadlyDrawnBadger thank you for your comment. Whilst I appreciate your experience is somewhat different I still feel there are nuances to weight loss in the lgbt community that those outside do not experience; in the same way I don't experience some of the nuanced experiences women face loosing weight. So although our experiences might be slightly different it's nice to hear from fellow members of the lgbt community such as yourself x

  • Hi baday drawn badger, I know what you mean. You can't win either way sometimes as a woman. However, your health is your health and the most important thing.

  • yes, I'm trans. I'm trying to figure out how to lose weight. I'v lost some, but then I'm just getting really hungry lately since I did that, and after easter, well I dare not weigh myself again.

  • I hope you find the courage to step on the scales Katie-one 😊 The number does not define you. 😊

    Please come on here if you need support

    Best wishes


  • Hi Katie-one. Nice to hear from you. Don't be scared of the scales they are just one of many metrics and not nearly as important as how you feel in yourself along your journey.

    I myself am currently undergoing assessment at the Leeds Gender clinic and goodness is it hard to deal with discomfort and dysphoria regarding my body, weight and gender x

  • Hello thero_cpd 😊

    Well done on your weight loss so far, those 18's are not far away 😊

    I hope you get some peer support soon 😊

    Best wishes


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