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Day 2 done, better than day 1, on a streak!

Well that wasn't so bad, got within 100 calories of the lower daily calorie limit as recommended by the BMI calculator with judicious use of the calorie counter and pushing the food I didn't 'need' straight off the plate and in the bin.

Just as an aside, the food I am binning amounts to over 3000 calories! That includes 2 hash browns, 2 pancakes, 2 boiled eggs, piles of rice and potatoes (more carbs with your carbs Sir?!?) 2 puddings, 2 cans of fizzy pop and a carton of fruit juice and normally a second choice dinner portion. Scary when I counted it up.

Water intake was good through the day, our drinking water comes in handy little 330 ml bottles, so I'm aiming for a minimum of 8 of those a day. 2.6 lt is a little more than the ideal but seeing as it's already over 32 degrees C here in the desert I think I will sweat out some of the extra. I think because I am consciously scheduling the water intake it's helping me feel full for longer, I haven't had any hunger pangs or sense that I'm missing out, or dare I say it 'on a diet'. That's a really positive sign for me as I am relatively compulsive and can give in a bit too easily if I am feeling peckish.

All in all still feeling very positive and hoping that will build as the days tick over. Not having a scale to hand was a bit of a concern as I won't be able to measure my progress, but I have decided that I will just go off body measurements the first 5 weeks (as that's how long I'm away from home) then add weight to the mix when I get home. I can bring a scale back with me to finish off the 12 weeks.

Only low point was I had scheduled in some dedicated exercise time after my shift but ended up missing it as I met up with an old colleague I hadn't seen in years and we spent the time catching up. Will do it today instead.

P.S Apologies if my prattling away is boring anyone, sharing the experience seems to be helping me stay committed! If I go silent for a couple of days either my satellite internet has gone down or I've been bad!

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Another successful day Stevo5585 😊 Each day you will become stronger and more confident 😊

And prattle away! That what we are here for 😊


Well done on keeping to the calories, it's often really shocking to count up what you could have eaten 😱 and so easily done, if it's empty calories or you are not cooking for yourself.

The heat I really wouldn't be able to cope with, it's definitely understandable why you would need more water 💧

Don't beat yourself up on one missed exercise session as you have already rearranged to do it today.

Look forward to hearing how much you have lost on your return home good luck

Kat xx


Thanks Katmt, it's still pretty mild right now, can get up over 50 degrees centigrade in the shade over here in the summer, and when you are working in the sun, it takes some getting used to. My personal best was going through 14 litres of water in a 10 hour stretch, but it was mad hot and 100% humidity!

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Another great positive post for the morning. Good to hear how you're coping.

:) "More carbs with your carbs Sir" :)

As you're in a hot environment then I definitely agree with the extra water... and more if your body tells you so.

Don't beat yourself up over the missed exercise. Exercise can help but it's not a show stopper.

You sound very much in control and positive. Good luck!


Just read Katmt's post and it looks like I'm plagiarising her... :)

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Thanks Tigerr, it feels like I am in control, which is a nice change from the urges and cravings controlling me. I have not cleared the office of biscuits, treats and fizzy pop as I had originally thought I would as it is a shared space, but I can look at them and say to myself 'No thanks, I'm deciding not to devour you today Mr. Digestive with the chocolate coat!'


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